Sunday’s Giant Card Winners

28.08.2016 | 17:43 |

A total of 5 Giant Cards have found a Duelist to take care of them today. Meet their new owners!

Jack Igo
Jack Igo from the United Kingdom won the first Giant Card of the day: [ebon il]. He used a pretty Standard Burning Abyss Phantom Knights Deck in the tournament and didn’t have any interesting or unusual experiences with it.
Markus Burtchen from Germany is our next Giant Card winner and his prize is [gecd]. The Deck he chose is “Kirin.dek”, also know as Performapal Odd-Eyes Pendulum. He didn’t think he would win, so he’s very excitedabout his unexpectedly good result! Markus wants to thank Harald Rose for making him register for the tournament.

Long Dao from Austria won the Giant version of the currect YCS Prize Card: [93]. He won using a Pendulum Deck and was able to play to the best of his abilities and win quickly.

Firat B. from Germany is the winner of Giant Silent Magician and is very happy he won the most charming card of the day. His Deck was Domain Monarchs, one last time. He is very sad about the [fll], but he expected something to happen to Monarchs either way.

Imran Khan Jadoon from Germany faced his friend Jamil in the finals for a very relaxed game. In the end, his Burning Abyss Deck was the best and he secured the Giant [nirvana] as his prize!


Congratulations to all of today’s Giant Card winners!