Sunday’s Public Events Playoff Winner

27.10.2019 | 18:28 |
If you have entered any Public Event have the chance to get picked for the Public Events Playoff. This time Sebastian Zimmermann from Germany was the lucky guy!


Sebastian Zimmermann
Name: Sebastian Zimmermann Age: 17 Country: Germany How do you feel right now? I’m very happy I got picked to play in the Public Events Playoff. I had a rough start today. I lost Round 9 right away and I was out of the run for the top cut. The card feels like a good reimbursement! What Deck did play today? Orcust Pure – I think that is the strongest Deck engine-wise. When you have to play the grind game, Orcust is the best Deck overall. The matchups are pretty good. How do you feel about the Playoffs in general? I feel like the Public Events are a great chance to stay occupied and entertained if you are not in the Main Event anymore. Any last words? Shoutouts to my team Baba Card Gaming, Olli Baba himself, my friends and especially to the people I’m here with.