Swiss Duelists at the YCS Bochum

As one might have presumed, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Bochum does not only a appeal to Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players from Germany but also to a lot of players from other countries; approximately 30% to 40% were non-Germans. One country which has quite a lot of Duelists attending this huge event (about 30 to 40!) is Switzerland. Thus, I decided to talk to a few rather famous Swiss about their journey, their first impression, their expectations and also what kind of Deck they are playing.

Marco Ahr

Ahr probably is the most famous Swiss Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG player. Not only did he win the Swiss National Championship in 2008 but also the following Swiss National Championship in 2009 and a lot of other big events in Switzerland. Even at the European Championship in 2009, he managed not to lose any Match during the preliminary rounds and made it to the Top 16. Together with six peers, he flew from Basel to Düsseldorf from where they continued their journey to a small suburb of Dortmund where they stayed in a hotel. Coincidentally, they booked the same flight as about ten other Swiss which made their trip a bit more funny.

His first impression of the location and the event itself is that the registration takes a lot of time, but – he states – that was to be expected with so many players here, wanting to compete. However, he did not have to wait in queue for a long time because he was able to join some other players from Switzerland at the head of the line. His personal thoughts about the course of the tournament are as follows: “My Deck is okay, I like playing it a lot which is why I think I should make it Day 2. On the other hand side, I believe that everything will depend on the luck of the individuals because, to my mind, all the Decks are on a similar level at the moment. I guess an X-Saber Deck will win the tournament and I think that Togores and a few Swiss will make it to the tops. I myself play X-Sabers with [hamster] and we’ll see how I’ll do.”

Luca Rickenbach

Rickenbach has not managed to draw the attention of non-Swiss Duelists yet. Still, in Switzerland, he is well-known because he already won a lot of big tournaments and also got into the finals at the Swiss National Championship in 2007. He tells that his journey went really well. They took off near the Bodensee in the morning and were never cought up in a traffic jam which is why they arrived at their hotel right next to the location after a overall travel time of “only” seven hours.

Just like Ahr, he hopes to make it Day 2 and is sure that a Swiss – most likely Garcia – will win the tournament. He himself faiths in his Quickdraw Deck and – at this point – wants to greet all Swiss Duelists.

Alex Sierra Garcia

Garcia is the current Swiss Champion and laughed out loud when I asked him about his journey. He narrates that his journey was a lot of fun because he was travelling together with friends and they talked about all kinds of stuff, not just about the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Just like Rickenbach, they travelled in a car which took him and three of his friends about eight hours. He also states that he is really impressed by the location: “It looks just gorgeous, it is huge, it is really brilliant!” Most notably, he says, never before in his life has he seen so many female Duelists attending an event. To conclude, he wishes Togores a lot of luck because he wants him to win due to the fact that Togores presented him with a lucky charm. Garcia himself once again relies on his Frog Monarch Deck in which he is running [b]Cold Wave[/b] to defeat his opponents.

Stefan Kammermann

Kammermann is one of the Swiss who coincidentally ended up flying with Ahr and a lot of other Duelists. He admits that he had a bit fear of flying because he has never flown before but everything went fine and he has nothing to complain about. Like the other Swiss people, he is impressed by the beautiful location but he also is a little disappointed because of the delayed start of the tournament. However, he thinks the fact that there are so many well-known and familiar Duelists makes up for it. He also is aiming Day 2, believes that luck is a very important factor today and grants every Swiss to win the tournament and every Duelist running a creative Deck, including himself with a Blackwing Deck for sure.


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