T32 Feature Match: Charly Ou (Bad Reaction Burn) vs Robin Bachofner (Shaddoll)

07.09.2014 | 13:14 |

The Swiss rounds have finished now and only 32 remain. Among them are the two players on my Feature Match table for this round: Charly Ou from France is playing a unique burn Deck that wins through Bad Reaction to Simochi while Robin Bachofner from “the beautiful country of Switzerland” according to him is playing Shaddolls.

Bachofner won the roll and decided he would start things off with a set Monster and three face-down cards.


Bachofner had no idea what he was up against

Bachofner had no idea what he was up against


Ou set four cards before passing back.

Bachofner flipped Shaddoll Hedgehog and grabbed Shaddoll Fusion from the Deck to his hand. He flipped Shaddoll Core and activated the Fusion, using the Core and an in-hand Shaddoll Beast to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct. He sent Shaddoll Falco to the Graveyard, added Fusion to the hand and drew a card. Falco returned itself to the field. Mathematician was Summoned and sent Felis, Lightsworn Archer to the Graveyard which hit the field.


Not a bad second turn under normal circumstances!

Not a bad second turn under normal circumstances!


Arcanite Magician was Synchro Summoned and used the effect to target a Chained Wall of Revealing Light which set Ou back 5000. The second counter took a Chained Hope for Escape which netted three cards, while Waboku protected Ou’s Life Points for the turn.

Ou played Upstart Goblin and set three backrow.

Bachofner flipped Falco and returned Beast before Synchro Summoning Armades, Keeper of Boundaries. When the Swiss Duelist attempted to enter the Battle Phase Ou flipped Threatening Roar. In Main Phase 2 Bachofner used Foolish Burial to send Shaddoll Squamata and Shaddoll Dragon to the Graveyard, targetting a Chained Reckless Greed.

Ou skipped his Draw Phase and played One Day of Peace before staring at his hand and setting two cards and indicating with his hand that his opponent could take his turn.


One Day of Peace would prevent damage this turn

One Day of Peace would prevent damage this turn


Shaddoll Fusion was first from Bachofner using Construct and Arcanite to make another Construct, sending a Shaddoll Hedgehog and adding a Dragon to hand. He Flip Summoned Shaddoll Beast and drew two, discarding the Dragon to target a Chained Reckless Greed giving Ou another two cards. Beast was Tributed for a set Monster and Bachofner set to five backrow.

Pot of Duality from Ou revealed Cardcar D, a second Pot of Duality and Dark Bribe. He took the Trap card and shuffled the others back in. He flipped Gift Card before slamming four more set Spell/Traps on to the field and flopping his two in-hand cards back on the table. In the End Phase Bachofner flipped Artifact Sanctum and Chained Double Cyclone to destroy Trap of Darkness and get Artifact Moralltach.

He drew and flipped Beast to draw two and discard Squamata. It sent Hedgehog which added a third Beast to the hand. Ou flipped Life Equalizer and before the Battle Phase, Threatening Roar. In the End Phase, he flipped Bad Reaction to Simochi and then on a new Chain Tri-and-Guess, declaring XYZ Monsters and giving Bachofner 3000 Life Points; which thanks to Simochi means he would lose the game!

Charly Ou’s unique burn Deck wins game one!

With burn Decks you would expect them to win the first game so it would be in games two and three where we would see what the Swiss Duelist could do against it.

Bachofner set four backrow and a Monster and passed.


Ou's decision to attend with this Deck was last minute as he joined friends

Ou’s decision to attend with this Deck was last minute as he joined friends


Ou set one backrow and in the End Phase Sinister Shadow Games was played, sending Squamata and Falco to the Graveyard while flipping Dragon which returned Ou’s set.

Falco was flipped and returned Squamata and Shaddoll Fusion bought out El Shaddoll Winda sending Shaddoll Hedgehog and adding a Summoned Dragon to the hand. This was going to be a blow-out for Bachofner, all or nothing!

His attacks were all successful in the Battle Phase. De-Fusion was next and returned Winda to put two more Monsters back on the field. He attempted to attack for game but forced Swift Scarecrow from Ou.


De-Fusion looked to take the game...but got halted at the last moment!

De-Fusion looked to take the game…but got halted at the last moment!


Ou set three cards before thinking and adding a fourth.

Bachofner flipped Shaddoll Fusion and got Winda. The Dragon he used for the Fusion Summon hit a Chained Reckless Greed and Beast was sent from the Deck. Threatening Roar prevented a Battle Phase and in Main Phase 2 another Arcanite Magician hit the field, taking with it a Waboku and Bad Reaction to Simochi. Mathematician set a Falco from the Deck and two backrow concluded the turn.

Upstart Goblin gave away 1000 Life Points before Ou once again slammed four backrow cards down, prompting a small laugh from Bachofner. He flipped Falco and got a Beast back before using it and Dragon to make El Shaddoll Winda, sniping a Chained Hope for Escape with Dragon. Armades, Keeper of Boundaries was next and when Bachofner entered his Battle Phase Ou studied his sets.


A strong Extra Deck line-up

A strong Extra Deck line-up


The Battle Phase proceeded and when Armades attacked it was too much damage! Ou had game if another Monster attacked first but that was never going to happen thanks to Armades’ ability to stop cards and effects from activating.

Shaddolls pull a game back!

There was 11 minutes left on the round at this stage and both players furiously used their Side Decks, wanting to win within the remaining allotted time.

Ou decided to go first and played Upstart Goblin followed by another. A good start by his standards as it already gives him a card through Hope for Escape. Pot of Duality gave him the option of One Day of Peace, Wall of Revealing Light and a third Upstart Goblin. He couldn’t pick so rolled a dice and took the Wall before passing.

Shaddoll Fusion using Falco and Hedgehog got El Shaddoll Winda and a set Falco to the field, followed by a searched and Summoned Dragon. Attacks were successful and Bachofner set two.

Ou slammed three on to the table and Bachofner played nothing in the End Phase although he thought about it.


Oooooh shiny Winda

Oooooh shiny Winda


Threatening Roar prevented a Battle Phase while Arcanite Magician came out and took out two copies of Bad Reaction to Simochi. Bachofner set a Monster.

Ou drew to four in hand and set them all, extending his hands to motion to Bachofner he was done with his turn.

Falco was flipped and returned Hedgehog. Shaddoll Fusion used Arcanite and Hedgehog to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct and send Dragon, targetting a Chained Tri-and-Guess to give the Frenchman 3000 Life Points. Bachofner Summoned Squamata and started attacking.


It was soon to be game over for the burn player

It was soon to be game over for the burn player


When the damage would be enough, Ou flipped another Tri-and-Guess to gain 3000 more Life Points but Bachofner had Super Polymerization in the Battle Phase to seal the deal!

Shaddolls take out the last remaining burn Deck in the tournament!