Tech Update

18.03.2017 | 15:55 |

Tech cards are supposed to give you the edge over your opponent. Duelists all over Europe were trying to find a solution in order to consistently beat Zoodiacs. Here are some of the cards they came up with! Check it out.

Chain Dis


Chain disappearance is a rather old card. If I remember correctly it was released in Invasion of Chaos. The card already had its ups and downs and depending on the current metagame it gets stronger or weaker. At the moment the card is a great answer to Zoodiac Ratpier as it banishes all copies of the card from the hand and Deck. Basically, the card shuts down all the Zoodiac combos all at once. Resolving the card is usually game.




As the game is very much depended on winning the dice roll, the only answer to going second is maindecking a lot of handtraps. Maxx "C" is already a staple, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit is seeing an increase in play and lately Duelists decided to include D.D. Crow in their Main Decks. The reason is to stop the Zoodiac combo dead in its tracks.


xvz universe


Xyz Universe is seeing more play lately. The card has very strict activation requirements, but once you successfully resolve the card you strip your opponent of all his monsters and Summon a big beast. The two cards of choice are Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon and D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga. Both are very strong XYZ-monsters with Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon being a win-condition on its own.




Effect negation has always played an important role in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Back in the days the card of choice was Effect Veiler. Nowadays Duelists are relying on an even older card: Forbidden Chalice. The card was never more popular than here in Prague. As opposed to Effect Veiler it can be used in both turns making it a lot better in the current metagame.