Tech Update YCS Prague

28.02.2016 | 12:22 |

The great thing about a new format is that players are still experimenting a lot, trying to find new tech cards, new Side Board cards that will give them the edge above the rest of the field. Now that we’ve had some more time to look around and see what’s successful, there is a lot of old and new stuff we would like to share with you. Here’s what I found at YCS Prague:



With the rising popularity of Monarchs a very old card reemerged from the depth of the binders again: Mask of Restrict. Originally released in Labyrinth of Nightmare the card is more than ten years old. Monarchs are obviously a force to be reckoned with. Mask of Restrict stops them dead in their tracks. It prevents the Monarch players from Tribute Summoning, crippling the whole Strategy. It’s one of those floodgates you don’t want to see as a Monarch player.




Effect Veiler made its way into many Main Decks again. I think it’s always interesting to see which hand traps are played at the moment and which are rotated out. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit is also a decent choice especially against PePe and Pendulum based Decks.




Skull Meister is teched against Komzo strategies. It’s another nice handtrap that’s might come unexpected and give you the edge in a tight game.


psi blocker


Psi-Blocker found its way into many Side Decks. I watched a matched where one player called The Monarchs Stormforth completely locking down his opponent and overlaying into Abyss Dweller. All the Monarch player could do was concede. The card simply buys you one turn and that is usually enough.




Painful Decision was already played at the end of 2015 before the release of Breakers of Shadow and the Structure Deck. The card rotated out since better cards became available. Now, after the Adjusted List, it seems to be a viable choice again adding Pendulum fodder to the extra Deck quickly.

These are the cards I spotted during Day 1. I guess tomorrow will prove which strategy is crucial helping players to advance to the Top 32.