Tech Update YCS Prague

The great thing about a new format is that players are still experimenting a lot, trying to find new tech cards, new Side Deck cards that will give them the edge above the rest of the field. Now that we’ve had some more time to look around and see what’s successful, there is a lot of old and new stuff we would like to share with you. Here’s what I found during Day 1:


[mistake] is not a sleeper pick anymore. The card can stop Nekroz and Qliphort in its tracks. The downside of the card is that nobody can do any searches. Nowadays every deck is dependent on tutors. Maybe one day players will come with a deck that can take advantage of [mistake]. Today they didn’t.

From what I saw everybody is playing [shared] at the moment. Some players even decided to main it because they expected so many Nekroz decks today. I wonder if this is the one tech card that will give them the edge. We will find out tomorrow.[abstand]
[effect veiler] made its way into many Main Decks again. I think it’s always interesting to see which hand traps are played at the moment and which are rotated out. [effect veiler] gained in popularity recently due to the rise of Nekroz. It helps slowing the deck down by negating search effects from a [manju] and it stops the mighty [nz trish].

[boe] is a popular pick in Nekroz to beat Nekroz. Nekroz is having a hard time when they are not allowed to Special Summon. In order to get rid of a monster summoned via [djinn r] players were digging deep into their boxes at home and came up with this. It doesn’t seem to matter that players get to draw in the end phase.

[lancea] is a decent choice against Nekroz since the most powerful Nekroz plays involve banishing cards. It strips your opponent of any [djinn r] play and it’s a strong answer to [nz trish]. Against Nekroz it’s another hand trap against their powerful monster effects.[abstand]

Successfully resolving a [nz trish] play can be devastating, but being able to counter the play with [mirror ice] is pretty much game in most cases. It’s definitely a strong pick against Nekroz, but it’s also very risky. It seems like many players were not willing to take that risk and commit Side Deck space to it.[abstand]
[mind crush] has always been a strong pick in an environment that does a lot of searching. Each top deck has a lot of tutoring going on. Breaking the chain via a timely [mind crush] can be game changing. It’s a popular pick against Nekroz and it’s also good against Satellarknights.

[pblocker] found its way into many Side Decks. The reason being, just like [prohibition] it’s able to shut down key Nekroz plays. Calling the correct ritual spell card wins games. Unfortunately it’s easily run over by an opposing [senju] or [manju].[abstand]
These are the cards I spotted during Day 1. I guess tomorrow will prove which strategy is crucial helping players to advance to the Top 32.

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