The Decks to expect at YCS Milan

Here we go again, this time stopping at Milan for the last European YCS for 2014. A very exciting and turbulent year is almost over, but we won’t let it draw to a close without crowning another YCS winner. Every YCS is a chance to try your ideas and decks in a competitive environment. So why not take your chance?

[ygo] is a game that is constantly evolving and that’s one of the many reasons we all love this game so much: it never gets boring! I’m convinced that the next two days here in Milan will confirm this. But first let’s take a look at the Decks we expect to see play this weekend!

At YCS London there were three Decks competing which had a realistic chance of winning, with Satellarknights making a really strong and unexpected showing mostly due to some good tech cards. With the release of [nech] the metagame has changed again. Satellarknights seemed to have fallen behind a little, whereas Shaddolls and Burning Abyss received good support. The new set also introduced another strong archetype that’s taking the tournament scene by storm. You already guessed it: we are talking about Qliphorts![abstand]

Qliphort Scout

The popularity of the Qliphort Deck stems from various factors. The first of course being the introduction of a new game mechanic people were keen to try: the Pendulum Summon. The Pendulum mechanic also brought us great new cards in the form of Pendulum Monsters; these combine the power of Monster cards with the power of Spell cards, making them very versatile.

The strength of Qliphorts is their consistency; it’s very easy to search for the key components early on in a Duel. The heart and soul of the Deck is [q scout], which can add any “Qli” card from the Deck to the hand for the cost of only 800 Lifepoints. The card also has great synergy with the Pendulum Mechanic offering a Pendulum Scale of nine. What makes the deck even stronger is its ability to end the game quickly using Pendulum Summons, being able to summon multiple monsters from the hand or Extra Deck while dishing out a lot of damage. A strong tech card is the addition of [sd] in the deck. All of the Deck’s monsters are high level monsters that can be summoned without Tributing (at a cost; they become slightly weaker due to their effects). [sd] resets their effects and turns them all into high ATK threats.[abstand]

El Shaddoll Fusion

The strongest addition to Shaddolls is [el shd fus]. It’s a Quick Play Spell Card and in the Shaddoll Deck it is comparable to [super poly] which recently got Limited to one copy per Deck. The card made the Deck faster, more aggressive and also more flexible in its Fusion Summons. [nech] also added a little control in the form of [shd shekh]. Time will tell if the Deck can still win on the biggest stage.

Burning Abyss received even more support. With [rubic], [virgil] and [fire lake] the Deck has even more options than before and has become quicker and more versatile in its Summons. The one true weakness of the deck now though is that it needs to draw into specific cards to survive opposing threats.[abstand]

We will keep an eye on any rogue decks that do well. Noble Knights received support lately and probably [merlin] is what the deck needed to top. There are quite a few Noble Knight players here and maybe some of them will hit the top tables.

To me it seems to be a rock, paper, scissors format. Shaddolls beat Burning Abyss, Burning Abyss beat Qliphorts and Qliphorts win against Shaddolls consistently. I guess we will find out after this tournament if this is the case, and whether any other Decks can squeeze into the Top Cut. I can’t wait for the event to get started. Stay tuned!

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