The Decks to watch out for

The WCQ: European Championship 2010 is only days away, and Duelists from across the continent are making last-minute changes to their Decks for the biggest event of the year. If you’re playing in the Main event, or one of the many Public Events being held throughout the weekend, you’ll want to know what you’re up against, so today we’re going to look at the Decks you’ll expect to face in Birmingham this weekend, and see how they work.  

X-Sabers are capable of winning Duels in several different ways.

X-Sabers got a huge boost in power with the release of XX-Saber Darksoul and XX-Saber Boggart Knight in The Shining Darkness, and are many Duelist’s favourite to win the main event this weekend, after taking 3 of the Top 4 Duelists in the United States to victory in their recent WCQ. The aim of an X-Saber Deck is to Summon as many powerful monsters as fast as possible, defeating the opponent before they’ve had a chance to set up their big combos. Also, if the X-Saber Duelist doesn’t defeat you in an instant, they can set up a bunch of combos with XX-Saber Faultroll, XX-Saber Gottoms and XX-Saber Ragigura to discard your entire hand!  

However, one of the Deck’s most powerful cards is also one of the best cards to use against an X-Saber Deck. Gottoms’ Emergency Call can Special Summon 2 “X-Saber” monsters from either player’s Graveyard whenever there’s an X-Saber monster on the field, so even if you’re not using an X-Saber Deck, you can still take your opponent’s monsters! Another card that is useful against the Deck is Thunder King Rai-Oh, which shuts down the effect of XX-Saber Darksoul, and can negate the Summon of 1 of your opponent’s Synchro Monsters. And then there is Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World, which can destroy 2 of your opponent’s cards when it’s discarded by an opponent’s card effect. At 2300 ATK, it’s also a difficult card to get rid of when it’s Summoned, especially after the X-Saber Duelist loses 2 of their cards.


No hand? No Problem! Infernities play all their cards at once, ending Duels in an instant.

Another Deck to look out for is Infernities. The Deck exploded onto the scene when its key cards were released in The Shining Darkness, and has already piloted several Duelists to high profile victories across the world. In the United Kingdom, Jamie Stafford won this year’s National Championship with Infernities, while Omar Beldon won the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship Series in Chicago with the same Deck. Infernities are known for doing 3 things very well; they fill up the Graveyard with everything they need, Special Summon several cards at once, and end Duels very quickly either by attacking for over 8000 Life Points at once, or by making sure you can’t mount a comeback thanks to Infernity Barrier. There are several cards that can be used to defeat the Deck, such as D.D. Crow, Consecrated Light and Royal Oppression, but they must be drawn as soon as possible, as Infernities are always only 1 card away from turning a field of no monsters into a field of 3 Mist Wurms, an Infernity Doom Dragon and 2 Infernity Barrier.


Frog FTK is a Deck that gets more and more respect by many Duelists lately, as it’s capable of winning a Duel very quickly! The Deck plays out like one huge combo. First you Summon Swap Frog and Substitoad (you have to Special Summon one of these monsters since you can only Normal Summon 1 monster per turn). Next, you use Substitoad’s effect to send up to 20 “Frog” monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard, along with at least 1 copy of Ronintoadin (through Swap Frog’s effect). After this you play Mass Driver, and Special Summon Ronintoadin by removing a “Frog” monster in your Graveyard from play. Then you Tribute Ronintoadin with Mass Driver’s effect to deal 400 points of damage to your opponent’s Life Points. With Ronintoadin in your Graveyard again you can Special Summon it again before Tributing it for Mass Driver. By doing this over and over, you can win the Duel in an instant! To stop this deck you’ll need to use cards that can be played on your opponent’s turn. D.D. Crow can remove Ronintoadin from play, and Hanewata will stop you from taking any damage when it’s discarded. These cards can buy you enough time to set up a defence for when your opponent tries to do it all again.

Still going strong!

The last of the big Decks to watch out for this weekend is Blackwings. While they’ve seen less play in the major tournaments in North America, they were the most popular Deck across all of the National Championships here in Europe. With instant access to Synchro Monsters thanks to cards like Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North and Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame, and other powerful cards such as Icarus Attack and Black Whirlwind at their disposal, it’s easy to see why several Duelists have flocked to Crow Hogan’s signature Deck. In addition to this, Blackwings can also make the most of Royal Oppression and Skill Drain, cards that can cause the other top Decks a lot of problems. If you come up against a Blackwing Deck this weekend, you can also expect to see tech choices like Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, which is used by Blackwing Duelists to take down one of the Deck’s greatest weaknesses, Consecrated Light.

A wide variety of Decks will be on display this weekend.

But wait, there’s more!
These are the 4 main Decks you can expect to face at this weekend’s WCQ: European Championship, but you’ll also come across lots of other Decks when you’re playing Europe’s best Duelists. Frog Monarch uses many of the cards that Frog FTK uses, but instead of ending Duels in a single turn, it aims to Summon Monarch after Monarch, slowly getting rid of the opponent’s cards. Gladiator Beasts have been around for years, and can fit in many cards capable of stopping the top Decks, such as Dimensional Fissure and Thunder King Rai-Oh. Herald Decks revolve around the Ritual Monster Herald of Perfection, using its effect to negate anything the opponent throws at it. Quickdraw Dandywarrior Decks will also be in attendance, boosted by the incredibly versatile Synchron Explorer and a new powerhouse in the form of Junk Destroyer.  

With such a wide variety of Decks on show, we’re sure to see some truly memorable and exciting Duels. Best of luck to all the Duelists heading to Birmingham this weekend, but if you can’t make it to the European Championship, you can follow all the action here, live, as it happens.

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