The number of the day: 1455!

23.02.2013 | 12:10 |



Table 1... of over 700!

[p]Germany always provides huge attendance numbers for the [ycs]. YCS Bochum 2010 had over 1200 Duelists, YCS Leipzig last year had similar.[/p]

[p]YCS Bochum 2013 has surpassed those numbers though, with a whopping 1455 Duelists competing in the main event, making it not only the biggest European YCS, but also the largest Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG event to be held on the continent! The event will have 8 Rounds of Swiss today. The top 256 (or all X-2, whichever is greater) Duelists will return tomorrow for 3 more rounds followed by a Top 32 playoff.[/p]

[p]Well done everyone and best of luck over the weekend![/p]