The overall deck breakdown

26.09.2010 | 0:49 |

The Forbidden & Limited Cards List was published in the late August and that event usually leads to a lot of changes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Cards are forbidden, cards are limited and cards are semi-limited and this has an effect on which Decks Duelist bring to big events like the YCS Bochum. This is why we all wanted to know what the deck breakdown now would look like, and what more representative model is there than a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournament with over 1000 attendees?

Overall Deck Spread for YCS Bochum

Overall Deck Spread for YCS Bochum

As one can easily read, most of the Duelists at this YCS rely upon X-Sabers. X-Saber players alone make about 17% of all Duelists! Interestingly enough, most of the players running X-Sabers are Germans. While I was doing the counting, I had the impression that about half of all the X-Sabers were played by Germans! But also the Gladiator Beasts have a remarkable portion in the metagame today: 13%. They are run in a lot of variations, some players like [prisma] and [test tiger], others don’t and play more copies of [prison], [smashing] and similar cards instead. The Gladiator Beasts are closely being followed by Blackwings and the Quickdraw Synchro Deck with about 10% each. It seems the Blackwings are still very popular in spite of the fact that [whirlwind] now is limited which does indeed narrow their speed and therefore their penetrating force a lot!

Then, there is an accumulation of almost equally often played Decks which would be Frog Monarchs, Anti-Meta, Lightsworn, Infernity and (Machina-)Gadgets. It seems rather surprising that there is such a small number of Anti-Meta Decks compared to the huge number of “Meta”-decks (5% versus 65%), i.e. all the other Decks mentioned so far (except for Gadgets). Usually, there are far more players fighting the Meta-Decks with their Anti-Decks containing cards such as [banisher], [pakike], [rai oh], [skill drain], etc. Given these circumstances, I believe no one will have to wonder if we won’t be seeing a lot of Anti-Decks tomorrow.

Last but not least, we also have a couple of more or less special Decks at this event. Some of the more popular ones are listed in the upper figure, however, most of them belong to the group “others”. There are all sorts of “other” Decks, e.g. I’ve seen a few [b]Final Countdown[/b] Decks, a few [b]Life Equalizer[/b] Decks and also some [b]Exodia[/b] Decks. Too bad they only make about 5% of all Decks.

However, the deck breakdown shows a lot of diversity and we are intrigued to see which decks will take their Duelists to the Top 256 and eventually to the Top 32 tomorrow!