The Public Events at Sheffield

08.09.2012 | 16:34 |

What would a YCS be without the Public Events? No need to think about it because naturally there are also various tournaments going on beside the Main Event here in Shefiield!

The 17th Win-a-Mat tournament has just started, and a WCQ: Regionals, gaining the winner a qualification for the European Championship 2013 is also going on, as well as this weekend’s first Attack of the Giant Card! This time, one lucky player can decide whether they go for the so far un-released ruler of the oceans, Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon (to be published in this October’s Structure Deck Realm of the Sea Emperor), or Return of the Duelist‘s mighty Prophecy Destroyer with its awesome new artwork. Stay tuned to find out which card the winner will choose and of course for more Public Events actions!