The Re-Draw Rule: What it is and How it Works

29.08.2013 | 14:00 |

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Brussels will be a Sealed Pack Play event, and as such will be a unique experience for many Duelists. Sealed Pack Play is quite different to the Advanced & Traditional Formats, and also has an additional rule which will play a big role for this weekend.

Re-Draw Rule for Sealed Pack Play

In Sealed Pack Play events (like YCS Brussels), Duelists can re-draw their opening hand if they feel it is not powerful enough. As this is a new rule for many competitors, we would like to explain it below:

  • Duelists only get 1 re-draw each per Match.
  • Each Duelist must decide if they would like to re-draw their starting hand after they draw their initial 5 cards but before the Duelist who is going first draws their first card of the Duel. (In other words, you do it when there are 5 cards in your hand, not 6.)
  • The Duelist who will go first in the Duel decides whether to re-draw first. Then the Duelist who goes second decides whether to re-draw after the first Duelist has decided. If the Duelist who goes first decides not to re-draw their hand, they then cannot decide to re-draw after the second Duelist has decided to re-draw or not.

When a Duelist decides to re-draw:

  • The Duelist places their starting 5 cards on the bottom of their Deck (in any order).
  • The Duelist then draws 5 new cards from the top of their Deck.
  • After the 5th card is drawn for the new hand, the Duelist then shuffles their Deck using the normal Deck shuffling policy.

This Re-Draw rule will be in effect for YCS Brussels. If you’re attending the event please familiarise yourself with the above!