The scorekeeper – the overlooked MVP

Granted, it takes a lot of people to turn a huge event like the YCS into a success. However, some people are simply a little more important than others. The one person that tends to get overlooked sometimes is the scorekeeper. If he makes a mistake, we might have to re-pair a round, losing 20+ minutes in the process. We talked to our scorekeeper here in Bochum to get some advice on how to deal with the pressure and make sure the event will turn into a success!


#1: Be familiar with the Software


One big “Don’t” is not knowing how to operate the tournament software. This might sound obvious but it really is agood idea to test the features of the software before the event starts. For example you might want to try out how to do stuff like a manual pairing so that you donn’t have to look for the function when you need it during the event.


#2: Get the right assitants!


It’s simply not possible to do everything on your own especially at a larger event like the YCS. A good scorekeeper needs the right assistants who can sort result entry slips for him or answer the questions of players or judges that would otherwise be directed to the scorekeeper so that he can better focus on his job.
Ideally, The assistant should also be familiar with the tournament software so he can fill in for the scorekeeper when you need to take a break.



#3: Find some inner peace!


Being surrounded by judges running back and forth constantly can easily make you nervous. However, you can only perform at your best while you keep your cool. Some scorekeepers like to use energy drinks to stay focused, others simply go outside and breath some fresh air. Whatever works for you, be sure to find a way to calm down and not get too stressed as a scorekeeper.

A great scorekeeper can be an important part of making an event like the YCS into a huge success. So it is very important to get the right man for the job who is up to the task!

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