The Sealed Pack Play Make-Over

Do you still remember your first time playing Yu-Gi-Oh!? Most of us have very fond memories of that days long gone by. In my case, I proudly remember how I didn’t know that my opponent would get to search for a [momonga] that switched control earlier in the game thanks to [cs]. Did I mention that I head judged a World Championship?

Can you imagine what it would have been like to enroll in a Sealed Pack Play event the very first time you were playing the game we all love? I’ll make sure that Wim Vints, a player who had to sign up for a Cossy ID earlier today, will never forget his first time since we’ll now be taking a closer look at his Sealed pool and then talk strategy with some of the most experienced players.

This is Wim’s pool:

[brain crusher]
[spell striker]
[dragon ice]
2 [phad]
2 [svenus]
[bar uer]
[a drago]
[ggg golem]
[v stel]
[shield sword]
2 [chalice]
[axe fools]
2 [dress]
[no entry]

Certainly not the worst pool if you ask me. However, when you look closely at Wim’s handed in decklist, you’ll notice that he skipped a few of the cards that probably should have made the cut:

Did Wim make the most of his pool? Judge for yourself!
Did Wim make the most of his pool? Judge for yourself!

No [grace]? No [truck]? No [sinister]? It appears Wim didn’t take full advantage of all the tools his pool provided him with to give his opposition more of an edge.

But why believe me, after all, I’m not even half as experienced as many of the players in attendance today. And that’s why I decided to run the pool by Peter Groß, a player who was proven time and again that he’s got a very good understanding of the Sealed environment!
[b]Peter, what do you think about Wim’s decisions?[/b]
[quote][b]Peter:[/b] You should always try and avoid playing [zolga], [spell striker] and [dragon ice] if you don’t have to. [phad] is not that good in my personal opinion as most opponents follow up their Special Summons with a Tribute Summon, which means your [phad] won’t get to hang around.

I also don’t like [ggg golem] – cards like these were good in Battle Pack 1 where you had a lot of Tribute Monsters that only required 1 Tribute. They aren’t that good anymore with BP02 where most Tribute Monsters require you to Tribute 2 or even more monsters.[/quote]
[b]Would there have been ways to make a deck full of Tribute Monsters work?[/b]
[quote][b]Peter:[/b] If you’re making use of the better synergies, then yes. Wim didn’t run [fsanc], a card that really shines with plenty of Tribute Monsters, so that doesn’t seem right.

On the other hand, he’s running [tasuke], a card that’s working best when you don’t hold on to any more cards – something that will rarely happen when you’re playing so many Tribute Monsters. [mpbh] would have also been good with so many Tributers.[/quote]
This all sounds like knowledge that the veterans are perfectly aware of, which means it’s one of the reasons why they tend to do better than players new to the game.

Peter didn't approve Wim's strategy!
Peter didn't approve Wim's strategy!

[b]Which cards absolutely need to make it into the deck?[/b]
[quote][b]Peter:[/b] [mrs] and [apples] are almost auto-includes in my personal opinion. You should also try to include every single copy of a card that can instantly increase your monster’s ATK, so add every copy of [chalice] you can get your hand on.

More monsters that I would have added are [truck], [mbc] and [trooper]. The last card I’d have tried to include is [shield sword] since that’s a big theme in the format – changing ATK and DEF.[/quote]
[b]What do you make of Wim’s pool overall? How good is it?[/b]
[quote][b]Peter:[/b] Overall, I think that this pool is really strong and you could go far with it. If I’d have the chance, I’d trade it immediately for my pool![/quote]
By now, Wim was aware that he made a few mistakes during deck construction. Fortunately, he can always change his deck after game 1 and introduce some of the more powerful cards during Side Decking. This strategy has worked rather well for him so far and improved his performances in the second and third games!

Wim would side in Graceful Charity in every game!


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