The top 3 Decks leading in to YCS Brighton

[p]We’re 3 months into the current format and the latest booster pack ([phsw]) has been available for quite a while now. As a result a lot of top Decks have already been established before YCS Brighton has even begun, and this weekend’s champion will have to overcome them all as he makes his way through the top tables.[/p]


This Deck can Synchro and Xyz Summon almost anything.

[b][u]Plant Synchro[/b][/u]
It’s the Deck that refuses to give up! Despite many changes due to new cards, opponents and the Forbidden & Limited Cards List, Plant Synchro is still a force to be reckoned with, and has already had plenty of YCS success in the past few months. In addition to being able to Summon almost any Synchro monster imaginable with [bulb], [spore], [dandy] and [debris], modern Plant Synchro Decks are making the most of the new Xyz Monsters by Summoning them with cards like [tour], and can even fit in powerful Duel-swinging cards like [maxx], [tkr] and [bls]. It’s the most versatile Deck out there, and will almost certainly take up a few spots in the Top 32 tomorrow afternoon.
Grapha and pals are ready, are you?

[b][u]Dark World[/b][/u]
Dark World cards have been around for many years but had never quite made it to the top tables. [sdgu] changed all of that though, as Grapha’s army came out in full force! In addition to the mighty [grapha] which can be Summoned over and over again, [snoww] and [gates] help Dark World Duelists power through their Deck to get everything they need in an instant. The majority of the Deck’s combos revolve around discarding Dark World monsters and getting 2 effects for the price of one (one for the Dark World monster, and one for the card it was discarded for), as well as Summoning Grapha over and over.

Like Plant Synchro it’s also able to Summon a wide variety of monsters from the Extra Deck, but also has the added aspect of being able to control the opponent’s hand, through [ddv], [mind], [card d] and the ever menacing [mj]. This Deck hits hard and hits fast, but can also hold its own in longer Duels against the toughest opposition.

Dino Rabbit can Summon today's most powerful Xyz Monsters with ease.

[b][u]Dino Rabbit[/b][/u]
Every so often a few new cards can make Duelists dig through their old boxes of Common cards to build an exciting new Deck, and that’s the basic story behind the newest Deck to hit the scene! [phsw] introduced the Dueling world to [rabbit] and the Evol monsters, most notably the 2 Evolzar Xyz Monsters. [laggia] and [dolkka] both have the ability to negate certain cards your opponent can play, and when combined there’s nothing that can stop them. Both of these Xyz Monsters are Rank 4 and use Dinosaur-Type monsters as their materials, which is where [rabbit] and all those older Dinosaur cards come in!

[rabbit] can banish itself to Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower Normal Monsters from the Deck, which include cards like [kabaz] and [saurus], two monsters that were first released way back many years ago! These cards can also be Summoned with [guaiba] and with everything in the Deck having high ATK scores, these monsters can certainly pack a punch. On top of all that this Deck doesn’t need to rely on the Graveyard as much as others, which means it can use [dim fiss] to completely shut down a lot of what it comes up against.
This is just a small sample of what we can expect to see across the top tables this weekend, and Decks like Karakuri, Agents, Chaos and many more besides have seen top level success recently. Throw Anti-Meta strategies, Europe’s most creative Duelists and [ha05] into the mix and we could have an all new Deck emerge victorious by tomorrow evening, who knows! What we [i]do[/i] know though is that we’ll be here to tell you all about it so stay tuned for all the upcoming action!

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