The Top 32 Deck & Duelist breakdowns of YCS Toulouse (+more!)

15.04.2012 | 15:54 |

Are you ready for a stat attack? Of course you are! Here’s more detailed information about the Top 32 as we look at the data from all sorts of angles!

First off, open up these 2 links (in new tabs), here and here. They’ll provide a good reference for the data we’re going to look at below.

Done? Great, let’s get to it then!

Deck Non-Top 32 Top 32
Other 141 2
Dino Rabbit 63 14
Inzektor 65 8
HERO 54 2
Dark World 46 2
Wind-Up 35 4

Here we have the Deck information for the Top 32 of the event. Contained within the “Other” category are all sorts of Decks, but of those only Chaos Dragons and Twilightsworn made it to the playoffs. As for the main contenders, the second chart shows how much of a chunk each Deck took out of their initial portion of the Deck spread. Dino Rabbit would appear from this to be the most successful Deck on paper, with 14 of the 63 Duelists that used it making Top 32, almost 1 in 4. Inzektor isn’t far behind with roughly 1 out of every 8 Duelists that ran it making the playoffs. Around 1 of every 9 Wind-Up Duelists made the Top 32, a similar performance Level to Inzektors.

Country Non-Top 32 Top 32
Other/Unknown 133 8
France 234 11
Germany 25 7
United Kingdom 21 4
Spain 16 1
Italy 7 1

The Duelist breakdown is a little more straightforward than that of the Decks. As expected several French Duelists showed up, and several more made Top 32. At least 1 Duelist from each major country (countries who have cards printed in their native language) made it in, with Germany and the UK quite successful in that regard. The “Other” category contains Duelists from Belgium, Portugal and even Sweden!

Hopefully all of the above will help you at home with imagining what it would have been like to play in this YCS. Also, it should help you all with knowing what to prepare for in future events!