The Top 8 playoffs are underway.

18.07.2010 | 18:58 |

After 2 days and 14 rounds of intenst Dueling, we finally have our Top 8 Duelists! The matches are currently underway, and the winners of these 4 matches will represent Europe at the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME World Championship in the United States next month! Here are the Top 8 Duelists, what Decks they are using, and who they are playing in the Quarter-Finals.

Place Record Duelist Deck
1:  13-1 Sebastian Gonzalez X-Saber
2: 11-3 Yohann Descamps X-Saber
3: 11-3 Rodrigo Togores Moli Frog OTK
4: 11-3 Stefan Sluis Infernity
5: 10-4 Abid Arshad Frog Monarch
6: 10-4 Ying Jun Qi Infernity
7: 10-4 Stefano Memoli Anti-Meta
8: 10-4 Leo Giner  X-Saber

Duelist 1 Deck 1 Deck 2 Duelist 2
Sebastian Gonzalez X-Saber X-Saber Leo Giner 
Yohann Descamps X-Saber Anti-Meta Stefano Memoli
Rodrigo Togores Moli Frog OTK Infernity Ying Jun Qi
Stefan Sluis Infernity Frog Monarch Abid Arshad