The Ultimate Public Event: Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown

07.07.2012 | 18:03 |

One of the coolest Public Events, if not the coolest Public Event at the past few events we’ve held has been the YCS Trial. In these special Public Events, you were able to win a sponsored trip to an upcoming event, even if it wasn’t quite around the corner.

Even though it’s not a YCS, we’re still holding a special Public Event this weekend. It’s called the Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown and you can win a lot more than “just” the trip and accommodation to an upcoming European YCS!


The Format:


The Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown is played according to the rules of competitive Sealed Play. That means you will have to build a 30 card Deck out of 10 Battle Pack: Epic Dawn boosters. Since we’re competing for some serious prizes, you can expect a pool swap and on top of that, players will also need to hand in Decklists.




Apart from the many Battle Pack cards, the winner will also walk away with a free flight and accommodation for an upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series! On top of that, both finalists as well as all players that are equal on points with the runner-up will receive a YCS Promo Card Blood Mefist! Yes, you heard that right, it just got a little easier to claim your copy of the Synchro Monster!

The Top 8 players will be able to pick some of the most sought-after Starfoil cards. By sought-after, I mean these exclusive Starfoils that have never been given out before! The winner will get to pick the first card, the runner-up will have the choice between the remaining cards, and so on until we’re done with all the 8 exclusive Starfoil Promo Cards.


These are the 8 brand-new Starfoil cards that have never been given out in Europe before!

These are the 8 brand-new Starfoil cards that have never been given out in Europe before!


Alright, there are quite a few cool prizes for the best players in the tournament, but what about the rest? We thought long and hard about the very same question and here’s what we came up with:
We will hand out random prizes starting round 3 in this special tournament! All you need to do is remain in competition to be eligible for the prize drawing of some sleeves, game mats, etc.

So be sure to not drop out of the tournament, even if your pool doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to go all the way. Staying in the tournament until the very end and being a good sport has never been more rewarding!