The winner of the Dragon Duel Championship

24.02.2013 | 16:12 |

One of the coolest events we're running at the YCS weekends is the Dragon Duel Championship. In it, Duelists ages 13 and younger try to hone their skills against other players their age. Usually, they'll have to compete with the grown-ups, so many of them welcome the change. Let's see how today's event unfolded and who ended up winning it!


Rohan is the winner of this weekend's Dragon Duel Championship!

Rohan is the winner of this weekend's Dragon Duel Championship!


This is Rohan who you might remember from our YCS First Timers feature we did back at YCS Milan. A lot has happened since as the Patel family has attended a lot more events in the meantime, showing up in Toulouse as well as Barcelona. They really stepped up their game and have come a long way since their first time back in Milan!

26 players enrolled in the Dragon Duel Championship and many of them came just as prepared as the grown-ups that are currently duking it out in the knock out portion of the main event.

Over the course of the event, Rohan and his Macro Rabbit Deck had to go up against a Worm Deck in the final round as well as Wind-Ups, Agents and Chaos Dragons before that. It was a pretty diverse tournament and Rohan enjoyed his time a lot!

He'll fly back tomorrow together with some brand new packs, a Game Mat and an exclusive Deckbox. Overall, he's really happy that his family has made the trip to YCS Bochum and he's already looking forward to YCS Lille come April!