The Winner Team of YGO Games

23.09.2018 | 14:36 |
If you haven't already seen our Yu-Gi-Oh! games at our live stream, then you need to rewatch them on our YouTube channel. Teams of 2 Duelists had to play Pictionary with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, names and pictures.


Here is our Winner Team claiming their prizes. (200th) YCS, Utrecht 2018


The games were a welcome change to the instense Dueling that's usually going on at a YCS. Competitiors had lots of fun and we spent almost all of Friday afternoon recording the games. At the first game, one team-member had tof draw cards on a whiteboard and the other had to guess the name. The second game was naming cards that are currently on the Forbidden & Limited List. The third game was building a Chain of card names, where the first letter of the next card name had to be the same as the last letter of the pevious card name. The team with the most points over all three games was declared the winner. Please enjoy the performance of the Winner Team: Joshua Schmidt and Eugen Heidt. Find the link to the video after the event.