Third WCQ Regional Winner Sunday!

01.09.2013 | 17:54 |
With so many events going on, it’s certainly busy up in the Public Events! Through the crowd we can now see our third WCQ Regional winner for the day!

Joao Botas defeats all!

With Evilswarm on his side Joao Botas certainly was confident, and that confidence was well founded as we see him defeat his opponent Lucas Marie! Lucas Marie just couldn’t withstand the sheer force of Evilswarm, and we see Joao Botas making his mark and joining the ranks of those who have qualified for the next European Championship!

His opponent, Lucas Marie

How did you defeat your opponent?
Due to time, it was a tie, but my opponent gave me the win due to the fact that I could have won the next turn.

If you were a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card what effect would you have?
I like to play Decks with a lot of Trap Cards, I would be something like a Starlight Road to help protect my back row.

How do you feel the Limited and Forbidden Card List has effected your Deck?
I think it has made it better because Heavy Storm is gone, despite losing some good trap cards we can replace them with other cards!

Good job Joao Botas, have fun at the European Championship 2014!