This time last year: YCS Paris Flashback

14.04.2012 | 11:32 |

One year ago this weekend we were also in France for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event. Many Duelists travelled to the glorious city of Paris to compete in Europe's third YCS, and here's a quick recap of how things went down!

YCS Paris All the coverage from Day 1 All the coverage from Day 2

Diego Badinotti's Worm Deck kicked the event off, and he very nearly made Top 32 at the end!

Day 1 kicked off with several interesting Decks hitting the Feature Match table. We saw Diego Badinotti's Worm Deck defeat Gladiator Beasts, Fish Synchro getting beaten down by Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode and even an old-school Burn Deck doing well! Of course, Six Samurai was tearing up the tournament scene at the time and we had several of those competing at the top tables too. Plant Synchro was another huge Deck at the time and the 2 faced off in our Round 4 Match. The more interesting Decks kept on coming though, and at one point we had Disaster Dragon and Blackwings on Table 1, which made for an interesting battle! We rounded out the Day with 2 Duelists who knew each other's Decks inside-out, which lead to a really tactical Duel in Round 8.

Dimitri Bellaiche was undefeated after 6 rounds with Blackwings, and would later go on to make Top 8 at the French National Championship.

Overall the field was very spread out and quite different to what's expected today. Six Samurai was by far the most popular Deck of the weekend, with Gravekeepers the surprise hit in 2nd place. X-Sabers were still a strong pick at this point in time (which we'd all find out in Day 2) and the rest of the popular Decks were all evenly represented. It'll be interesting to see if any of these Decks make a big comeback in Toulouse.

The focus shifted to the major Matches in Day 2, with the "bubble games" towards the end of Swiss (where 1 loss means you can't "top") and the eventual playoffs and finals. Stephan Sluis showed us all what he was capable of in Round 10 before French sensation Vincent Ralambomiadana made his way through the Top 2. Stephan and Vincent would go up against each other in the Top 4 in an epic Duel between X-Sabers and Six Samurai. Sluis would eventually win out while there was a big upset in the other semi-final, as a French faceoff would result in 15 year-old T. M. defeating his vastly more experienced opponent!

T. M. was the surprise of the weekend, the 15 year-old going all the way to the finals.

That set the stage for the ultimate showdown, and despite a swift first Duel, Mitchell was able to pull things back to take the Finals to Duel 3! Despite a strong showing from his younger opponent though, Sluis had enough answers in his Main and Side Decks to emerge victorious and take his first YCS title. Today he's looking for his third! Just like today, Paris was the last European Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series to be held before Duelists began their journey to the World Championship, with Regional, National and European WCQs taking place all over the continent. As such everybody pulled out all the stops, while also having one eye on the future. I'm sure we'll see just as many exciting Decks, Duelists and Matches here in Toulouse this weekend, so stay tuned for all the latest action as it happens!