Three more Giant Cards!!!

Top 4 of the Main Event is currently being played…and in the Public Events, all Giant Cards are gone by now!

The first winner is another Duelist you might know from last year’s EC: Luke Lennard from the UK who made Top 4 in 2011 and thus particiapted in last year’s World Championship in Amsterdam. In today’s Public Events, the 17 year old played a Wind-up Deck with which he won his Giant Card. Luke immediately chose Cardcar D which he’ll hang in his room so his friends can see it.

The next oversized card, the classic and classy Change of Heart was won by Piran Asci from Berlin, Germany. The 19 year old played Wind-ups and today made place 77 in the Main Event before starting to play Public Events.

Shortly after, the last Giant Card tournament finished. The lucky winner is the 22 year old Jonathan Arellano from Madrid who played a Dark World Deck and can now Call of the Haunted in a giant version his own.

Which Duelist wouldn't want to have such a hot rod?
Quite a timeless design, and something for every mood

Probably the most decorative graveyard you've ever seen

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