Today’s 4th Giant Card – Pierre’s 3rd Giant Card

26.02.2012 | 18:42 |
France's Pierre Pradelles might be Europe's most experienced player when it comes to Giant Cards: He just won his 3rd card in a total of four events! The French National Champion of 2005 and 2007 was already successful at the YCS in Milan and Brighton before he now succeeded at the YCS in Leipzig, too. Just like in Brighton, Pierre only just missed the Top 32 in the Main Event and thus decided to play some Public Events, only changing two cards in his Dino-Rabbit's Side Deck. In December in the UK, the 28-year old had already laid his eye on the Giant Card version of Tour Guide in the Underworld but then went home with Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. Therefore he was now even happier to choose Tour Bus of the Underworld which makes the perfect 3rd Giant Card for the collection in Pierre's home in Toulouse, the city where the European YCS will have its next stop and where we will of course also see Pierre again.

Pierre Pradelles, proud owner of three Giant Cards, including one of the currently most popular cards in tournament play.