Today’s first Regional Qualifier winner!

13.08.2011 | 16:50 |

[p]From this weekend onward, Regional Qualifiers will be taking place in Europe all-year round, and we’ve got our first champion already! Yilmaz Güner is a 15-year-old Duelist from Wuppertal in Germany, and here’s what he had to say about earning his invite to the WCQ: European Championship 2012![/p]

Yilmaz Güner will compete in next year's WCQ!

Yilmaz Güner will compete in next year's WCQ!


[quote][p][b]Congratulations on earning your invite! Care to tell us about your Regional Qualifier?[/b][/p]
[p]For the tournament I played Tengu Plant with [tour]. Usually this Deck uses [leviair] but I couldn’t pick one up in time so I used only Synchro Monsters in my Extra Deck. In the first Match I played against Elemental Heroes, which was able to Summon [b]Rainbow Neos[/b] easily with [b]Fusion Gate[/b]. After that I had a mirror-match and won, and then I played against a Psychic T.G. Deck. It had several Trap Cards to protect its monsters and I lost one Duel in that Match after my opponents flipped [b]Fiendish Chain[/b] at the right time. The Semi-Final match was against Scraps, and my Finals was another Tengu Plant matchup, which I won to qualify for the WCQ.[/p][/quote]
[quote][p][b]Have you played in other major European events recently?[/b][/p]
[p]Yes, in YCS Bochum I finished 43rd in the tournament with Frog Monarchs, nearly making the Top 32. I also played that Deck in the 2010 German National Championship, where I made Top 16. This year I made Top 32 in the same tournament with Worms. I wasn’t able to make it to Madrid (for the WCQ) though but I’ll try my best to go to the 2012 one.[/p][/quote]
[quote][p][b]You said you wanted to play [leviair]. What do you think of the Xyz Monsters we’ve seen so far?[/b][/p]
[p]At the moment I find that my Synchro Monsters are more important in matches, but Leviair is the one Xyz Monster that I’m really interested in playing. I like [b]Steelswarm Roach[/b] too, but I need every Synchro Monster I already have in my Extra Deck so I have no space to make for it.[/p][/quote]
[quote][p][b]What do you think of the new cards in [genf]?[/p][/b]
[p]My favourite card in the set is [b]Wonder Wand[/b]; I’d like to play it in a Chaos Deck with [breaker] and [lyla], and maybe use [b]Gagaga Magician[/b] to Summon Xyz Monsters as well.[/p][/quote]
[quote][p][b]What deck would you play if you were competing in the main event?[/p][/b]
[p]I would like to play Six Samurai or Gladiator Beasts in the main event. Six Samurai are a stronger Deck with [tengu] and [tour] not available, and Gladiator Beasts that can stop several top decks, but I would play it with [dim fiss] in the Main Deck to make certain matchups easier.[/p][/quote]
[quote][p][b]What do you think of the World Championship?[/b][/p]
[p]I like the many things that are going on, and now that my qualifier is completed I’ll take a look at the movie.[/p][/quote]