Today’s Public Events are getting started

Not of all of the over 900 Duelists could make it into day 2 of the YCS Main Event. But there’s no need to worry what to do on day 2 because everyone can participate in a number of Public Events:

– Duelist League, 8-Man-Knockouts and Win-a-Mat Duels are played throughout the day in which players can win cool prizes such as high-class gamemats.

– ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! makes the winner take home an about 1 m high version of a popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME card. There will be five events and thus five of these amazing cards in total today.

– Free travel to the next YCS? No problem for the winner of the YCS Trial 2011 – he or she will receive free travel and accomodation to an upcoming YCS in 2011.

– The King of Public Events will be crowned! Among the winners of previous public events, one has the additional chance to get a cool YCS gamemat.

– Probably the highlight for everyone born 1997 or later: the Dragon Duel will take place today! The prizes include a carrying case, gamemats, binders, boosters, and a trophy for the proud winner that will make him (or her) stand out just as much as the Main Event winner.

Better sign up fast for your favorite Public Event!

One of the Giant Cards: Starstrike Blast's all new Formula Synchron

And of course you can still watch what happens on the Main Event’s top tables.

Don't miss out the action when the decision in Milan's YCS gets closer
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