Top 10 tables in round 8

I had a quick look at the top 10 tables in the final round of Swiss on the 1st day of the event. I was surprised about the variety; it seemed like a lot of players tried to take their opponents by surprise and play a new or at least lesser known deck. These are the match-ups…


The top tables in round 8!
The top tables in round 8!


Michel Grüner (X-Sabers) vs. Gaetan Lesage (Blackwings)


Michel Grüner is playing X-Sabers today, a huge shift from the Dandywarrior deck that he piloted in some of the recent tournaments I saw him play. Grüner is a jack of all trades, I guess you could hand him a Starter Deck Yugi 5 minutes prior to the start of a tournament and he would still make day 2.

Gaetan Lesage on the other hand is playing Blackwings. It’s one of the decks that a lot of players DO have on their list of decks to watch out for, however, the archetype didn’t quite make the cut most recently. Will Lesage be able to top the event with his approach to the Winged Beasts?


Patrik Rieder (X-Sabers) vs. Sergej Herter (Gladiator Beasts)


It’s no surprise to see another X-Saber deck at the top tables, after their great performance in Toronto, it’s proven to be a popular choice for Duelists participating in today’s event. Sergej Herter is piloting Gladiator Beasts, the deck that took the top 3 spots after the Swiss portion of the event in Toronto. Surely it’s disappointing if your deck doesn’t work the intended way when it matters the most, but the fact that the same deck could take the top 3 spots after several rounds of Swiss is also a good argument for the Gladiator Beast choice.


Piyal Peiris (Salvo DAD) vs. Jannis Schneider (Gladiator Beasts)


No Volcanics for Piyal Peiris today, at least as far as I can tell. He told me he’s playing a Salvo DAD deck, featuring a couple of ways to wipe the field with his game breaking Monster Cards. Jannis Schneider relies on Gladiator Beasts as well, but he didn’t seem to be too happy when I approached that table. Could he turn the game around and claim the win for himself?


David Müller (Gladiator Beasts) vs. Daniel Plaul (Greenkappa Control)


Plaul’s deck featured some anti elements like [pachy], but he claimed that he’s running a Greenkappa Control. Maybe we’ll see him in a Feature Match tomorrow and find out what this deck is all about.


Weng Tran (Anti Meta) vs. Yohann Descamps (Absolute Zero)


Fan favorite Yohann Descamps is still making a strong showing with his Absolute Zero deck, having won all his matches so far! Weng Tran is playing Anti Meta, a deck that carries all the necessary tools to overcome the threats that an Absolute Zero deck is trying to put in front of you. Descamps is certainly a player able to play around some anti cards, but will it be enough?


Nicolas Liebold (Infernities) vs. Eden Zamir (Top Secret)


These guys seemed to have a deck check and Eden Zamir didn’t want to give away what he was playing. Quite surprising that we had to go all the way to table 6 to find the first Infernity deck. While a lot of skilled players haven’t adapted to the different way you need to play the Infernity deck, some succeeded with their own unique mix of cards. Maybe we should take a closer look at Liebold’s build and see what he added to pull off such a successful performance.


Ali Kadouh (Blackwings) vs. Robin Albrecht (Blackwings)


Table 7 featured the first “mirror match” (2 players facing each other and playing the same kind of deck). These matches can be tricky; sometimes “all you need” to do is draw into the key cards earlier than your opponent. In certain mirror matches, you need to completely change your play style; instead of putting the pressure on your opponent from early on, you may have to step off the gas and trick your opponent into throwing his most powerful cards on the table first. You can then start your comeback and turn the game around!


Benjamin Vassiliev (X-Sabers) vs. Christos Anestakis (X-Sabers)


This time it was X-Sabers vs. X-Sabers. In this match-up, a lot can be decided by the side deck; if you side in those extra copies of Gottoms’ Emergency Call, you can use your opponents’ monsters against him!


Vjekestav Hraste (X-Sabers) vs. Roy Riedel (X-Sabers)


Our last mirror match and I couldn’t even tell who had the upper hand…


Andreas Halbfeld (Quickdraw Machina) vs. Oliver Lukenda (Frog Monarchs)


Why is it that the decks that are only being played by one guy at the top 10 tables always have to face each other? Both Andreas Halbfeld and Oliver Lukenda were probably not that happy to face another “rogue” deck, maybe they would have preferred to get paired against one of the more popular archetypes. Players who choose underrated decks usually adapt to the strategies of the popular decks and try to fill their spots with cards that allow them to easily take away the win. If you’re then getting paired against a deck that tries to pull off the same trick in a different way, chaos emerges!


The other end of the first row of tables!
The other end of the first row of tables!


Well, that’s that for the top tables at the end of day 1. Let’s hope that we’ll see a similar picture for the top 32 decklists tomorrow!

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