Top 16: Allan Kennard (Dino Rabbit) vs. Lars Junginger (WATER Synchro)

[p]We’re into the Top 16! Lars Junginger (Germany) and Allan Kennard (UK) played each other earlier on today, and have been paired against each other again! Both of these Duelists already know what the other is running, so this could be quite a tactical encounter. Let’s see how they get on![/p]

Another UK Duelist at our Feature Match table!

[div]Kennard started the Match with [rabbit]! He Summoned 2 copies of [saber] before Xyz Summoning [laggia] and Setting 3 Spells or Traps to back it up.

Junginger Set 3 cards face-down on his turn.

Kennard Summoned another [rabbit]! 2 [kabaz] hit the field and he attacked directly with one of them. Junginger played 2 copies of [mst] to destroy [prison] and [warning], and all 3 of Kennard’s attacks went through. He Xyz Summoned [dolkka] in Main Phase 2 and play passed back to Junginger.

Junginger set a monster and played [storm]! He Chained [ced] (targeting [laggia]) and Kennard negated it by detaching Laggia’s 2 Xyz Materials.

Kennard destroyed the Set [maxx] with Laggia and Dolkka was turned to Defense Position thanks to [econ], but when Junginger drew his next card he conceded, with no way of turning the Duel around![/div]

Allan Kennard is one step closer to Top 8!


Lars' Deck is quite interesting!

[div]Junginger would kick off Duel 2 and did so with [tengu] before discarding [tree] for [141], Summoning [bulb]. He [synch]ed [tghl] and another Tengu hit the field. He then sent [ced] to the Graveyard to Summon Bulb, and Synchro Summoned [catastor], drawing a card ([veiler]) for Librarian’s effect and getting another Tengu. He Set [mst] to finish.

Kennard Summoned [tour] and Junginger used [veiler] to try and negate its effect! Kennard responded with [book] to flip Tour Guide face-down and dodge the Veiler. He Summoned [sangan] and Set 2 Spells/Traps, losing one of them ([prison]) to [mst] in the End Phase.

Junginger destroyed Tour Guide in battle with Tengu and Catastor took down [sangan]. Librarian attacked directly as Kennard added [dyna] to his hand for [sangan]’[s] effect.

Kennard Set a monster (presumably the Dyna he just got) and ended his turn.

Junginger drew [dandy] and Summoned [swap], sending [ronin] to the Graveyard. Catastor attacked into the face-down Dyna (whose effect activated) and everything but [swap] was destroyed! [swap] attacked directly before returning to Junginger’s hand.

Kennard Summoned [reaper] and activated [empty]! Reaper’s attack went through and [maxx] was discarded.

Junginger couldn’t Special Summon with that Trap on the field, so he had to think of something else. He played [hole] to destroy Reaper and [empty] was sent to the Graveyard along with it. He [ns]ed [swap] and sent another copy to the Graveyard before attacking directly, and [swap] returned to Junginger’s hand in Main Phase 2.

Hot tech from the British Dino Duelists!

Kennard Summoned [saber] on his turn and attacked directly before he Set a Spell or Trap Card.

Junginger [ss]ed [tree] during his Standby Phase in [def]. He returned it to his hand to [ss] [birdman] and [ss]ed [swap] (by sending Treeborn to the Graveyard), which sent another [tree] there as well. He banished [swap] from his Graveyard to Summon [ronin] and Xyz Summoned [ggg]. He then [ns]ed [dandy] and tried to Xyz Summon [leviair], but Kennard had the [sj] to stop it. Junginger Summoned 2 [fluff][s] though and ended his turn.

Kennard Summoned [kabaz] before Xyz Summoning [laggia] and setting a Spell or Trap.

Junginger Summoned [tree], [ns]ed [spore], and [synch]ed [fsynch], which was negated Laggia.

Kennard Summoned a [tour], and then another one! He Xyz Summoned [17] and detatched a Tour Guide to boost its ATK. Both monsters attacked [ggg] which spent up all its materials, and Kennard activated [dim fiss] in Main Phase 2.

Junginger [ss]ed [tree], banished [dandy] so Summon [spore] and tried to Synchro Summon, but he had no Level 5 monsters left in his Extra Deck! He used [mst] to destroy [tt] and then [ns]ed [snowman]. All 3 monsters combined to bring out a [scrap d], which destroyed [ggg] and [laggia], before taking down [17] in battle.

Kennard Set a monster but had to concede as he had no way to stop [scrap d] next turn![/div]

We’re going to Duel 3!


Try and get past all of that!

[div]Kennard started the final Duel with [rabbit]! Junginger discarded [maxx] right away and Kennard summoned 2 [kabaz] before Xyz Summoning [laggia] and Setting 5 Spells or Trap Cards (Junginger drew 2 cards that turn thanks to [maxx]).

Junginger played [hole] but Kennard protected Laggia with [lance]. Junginger Summoned [swap] and sent [tree] to the Graveyard before returning [swap] to his hand. He Set 2 Spells or Traps and ended his turn.

Kennard Summoned [saber] and declared an attack, but Junginger flipped over [mst]. Kennard allowed it and Junginger Chained another one! The end result was Kennard losing [sj] and 2 Xyz Materials as Laggia negated the second typhoon, and both of his monsters attacked directly.

Junginger Summoned [tree] during his Standby Phase and Tributed it for [econ] to try and take control of [saber], though Kennard stopped that with [lance]. Junginger [ns]ed [lonefire] and Tributed it to [ss] [spore] from his Deck. He Tuned his 2 monsters together to [synch] [fsynch] and draw another [mst], which he then Set.

Kennard’s [saber] attacked over formula, and [laggia] hit Junginger directly. Junginger destroyed Kennard’s Set [tt] with his [mst] in the End Phase.

Junginger Summoned [tree], followed by [junk], which revived [maxx]! He banished [lonefire] to [ss] a Level 4 [spore] and started Synchro Summoning. [tghl] came out first, followed by [catastor], which was negated by [warning]. Junginger then played [poa] sending [catastor], [fsynch], [junk], [spore] and [maxx] back to the Deck(s). He drew [reborn] and [book] before Librarian took down [saber], and Set a Spell/Trap.

Kennard Summoned [mole], but Junginger negated its effect with [veiler] before Kennard entered the Battle Phase. He chose not to attack and ended his turn.

Junginger flipped [book] during his Standby Phase, flipping [saber] face-down. That let him [ss] [tree] before he revived [veiler] with [reborn]. He Synchro Summoned [fsynch] and drew 2 cards (the second for [tghl]’[s] effect). He [ns]ed [tengu], Synchro Summoned [brio] and drew [spore], before Summonign another Tengu from the Deck. He discarded [spore] to send [laggia] back to the Extra Deck, and Kennard conceded as he had no way to stop Brionac and Junginger’s other cards![/div]

Lars Junginger makes it to the Top 8 with WATER Synchro!


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