Top 16: Denis Scorcioni (Mermail) vs. Leo Giner (Geargia)

Top 16! YCS Paris! 2014! Let’s do it! Denis Scorcioni faced off against Leo Giner! It looked to be a fun match with the two prevailing Decktypes in the current meta: Geargia versus Mermail!

[header]Game One[/header]

Scorcioni is calm and collected, he isn't an Abyssmegalomaniac!
Scorcioni is calm and collected, he isn't an Abyssmegalomanic!

Scorcioni won the roll in an epic 8 v 16 roll. He hesitated and dropped [undine] slowly on the field. He waited for a response but got none. He put a [tidal] in the Graveyard and a [controller] to hand. He set one [fd] [st] and ended his first turn, a massive setup.

Giner played [g armor] and [g accel]. He overlaid into [ggx] and it fell into a [bth]. He set three [fd] [sts] and ended his turn.

Scorcioni discarded [a mark] and Special Summoned [teus]. He declared the effect of [a mark] and [undine] was punted with a [ced]. He got a [linde] into his hand and resummoned [undine]. He sent [a drago] to the Graveyard and Giner surrendered.

That’s right. Giner surrendered. Me and the table judge were stunned. So early in the game? The judge turned and asked “Did you just surrender?” and Giner simply replied “he has won!”

Both players were still on full lifepoints. It was turn three. I got a little scared that maybe Giner is a psychic. I donned my tin foil hat and ploughed on.
[h2]Game Two[/h2]
Giner went first this game and opened with a massive four [fd] [sts] cards!

Scorcioni played [linde] and attacked directly! There wasn’t any response to the attack, which is suspicious more than anything. He set a [fd] [st] and Scorcioni responded with [geargiagear] getting [geargiano] and [g mk2].

On his turn Giner overlayed into [ggx] and used its effect to make a very similar play with [geargiano] and [g mk2] to get [gt alucard], used the effect and attacked. He used [ced] on the [fd] [st] just to make sure and activated [soul drain] to stop the effect of [linde].

Scorcioni discarded [a mark] and Special Summoned [teus]. He brought a [sturge] to hand and summoned [controller]! He Synchro Summoned [leo]. Giner washed away this trouble with a [tt].

[g mk2] times two hit the field and was overlaid into [17]. He used the effect and attacked! He sets one [fd] [sts] and ended turn.

Scorcioni set a [fd] Monster and ended his turn.

Giner summoned [g arsenal] and attacked the [fd] [a mark]. He sacrificed the arsenal and got a [g armor] which he flipped [fd].

Scorcioni set a [fd] monster and a [fd] [st]. Giner was getting wise to his antics and used [mst] on his set [st].

Giner flipped [g armor], got a card to hand and attacked directly.

It was all too much for Scorcioni and he scooped

Giner won game two!

[br][header]Game Three[/header]
Giner is ready!
Scorcioni goes first and set two [fd] [sts] and a [fd] Monster

Giner played one [fd] Monster and sets three [fd] [sts].

Scorcioni discarded [a drago] and revealed [teus] who is [debunk]ed. With the effect of [a drago] Scorcioni got [a mark]. He revealed [a megalo] and discards [sturge]. It is [debunk]ed. He played [dust] to avoid a future [tt] and flipped [linde] for an attack.

Giner returned the favour and destroyed [malevolent]. [g arsenal] brought out [g armor] who flipped [fd].

Scorcioni expected a beating and turned [linde] to defence mode.

The [g armor] flipped and brought out [geargiano].He was played and got out his [g arsenal]. [g arsenal] was tributed for [geargiano] who in turn went to Graveyard to bring out [g armor]. He overlaid a [dweller], used its effect and then attacked!

Scorcioni played [sturge] and attacked! They traded cards and he set a [fd] [st].

Giner flipped [g armor] [fd] and then up. He got a [g mk2] and played a second [g mk2] from hand. He Special Summoned [g accel] and then overlaid for [silvermountain]. He detached and targeted Scorcioni’s [fd] [st]! Scorcioni activated [a sphere] in response and Special Summoned [linde]. Giner attacked [linde] and Scorcioni Special Summoned [teus] in a last ditch attempt to save himself. Giner was unphased and Summoned [g armor]. He overlaid into [ggx] and received one [g mk2] for his troubles. He set one [fd] [st] and finished a productive turn.

Scorcioni shakes his head. He had a confident start to the match and it looked like it was wavering. He counted in his head and tapped his fingers. He Summoned[sturge] and attacked [g armor].

[ggx] brought Giner [g accel] to hand. [geargiano] came out with a [g mk2] and made [17]. He used [17]s effect and attacked .He brought out [g armor] and flipped it [fd]. He activated [macro]! A fantastic play!

Scorcioni knew he was beat, but went through the motions. He saw Giner knew it and had to finish the game there.
[b]Giner wins 2-1![/b]

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