Top 16: Konrad Grunewald (Dragon Rulers) vs Luca Chetoni (Dragon Rulers)

Top 16! All to play for! Luca Chetoni versus Konrad Grunewald! Dragon Rulers versus Dragon Rulers! Which Dragons with rule the most?! LET’S FIND OUT!

[b]Game One[/b]

Chetoni opens with a defensive set of two [fd] [sts] and ends his turn.

Grunewald activates his ravine and discards a [tdrag] to the Graveyard to have a [redox] join him. He makes an early game banish to Special Summon [blaster], and Chetoni discards his [maxx]. [tdrag] and [redox] bring their clones to hand. Grunewald sets one [fd] [st].

Chetoni isn’t happy and discards his own [blaster] and [trigon] to destroy [blaster]. He sets his own [fd] [st], plays [mst] on [ravine] and ends.

Grunewald isn’t stopped so easily and banishes [tdrag] and [redox] to Special Summon another [blaster], who is [pwwb]ed by Chetoni! [redox] and [tdrag] get copies of themselves and Grunewald ends.

Chetoni opens his turn with a [6s]! He calls three and four and Lady Luck shines upon him. “Every time!” exclaims Grunewald. He discards [blaster] and [blaster] to destroy Grunewald’s [sw] and removes [tdrag] and [maxx] for [redox]. [tdrag] invites a copy of himself to the hand. Chetoni plays [consonance] discarding [corseca] and [terraforming]s a [ravine]. He plays his [ravine] and discards [redox] to get [blaster]. He banishes two, Special Summons [redox] and Normal Summons a [corseca]. He Synchro Summons [scrap dragon] who is immediately [pwwb]ed, Grunewald wasn’t taking any chances! Chetoni sets one [fd] [sts], sheds an imaginary tear, and passes.

[debris] hits the field and [maxx] hits the Graveyard! [trigon] is Special Summoned and [afd] is Synchro Summoned! He destroys Chetoni’s [ravine] and gains a cheeky 1000 [lp] and fetches his own [ravine] which he then plays! He sends a [tdrag] from hand to bring a [tidal] into the Graveyard.

Chetoni asks how many cards Grunewald has in hand and does nothing else.

Grunewald’s hand expands when he hits [6s] with a roll of four! He destroys his [ravine] with [afd] and then brings forth another from his Deck. He plays [7ss] and removes [tidal] who fetches a [mwd] from the Deck to hand. He [mst]s Chetoni’s [tt] and discards his [tdrag] for [ravine] to get [tidal] into his Graveyard. He removes [redox] and [corseca] to Special Summon [blaster]. He the Normal Summons [mtd] and Special Summons [mwd] from his hand. He then Xyz Summons [atum] and attacks for game!
[b]Grunewald wins Game One![/b]
[b]Game Two[/b]

Chetoni goes first and uses [7ss] banishing [redox] and bringing another [redox] to hand. He discards [tdrag] and [corseca] to get [blaster] to his hand. He sets two [fd] [sts] and passes.

Grunewald is having none of it, he doesn’t trust those [fd] cards and so discards [blaster] and [trigon] to destroy [debunk]! He Normal Summons [debris] and gets [trigon] out, [maxx] is activated during this and he attacks with [trigon] and [debris]! In [mp2] he Synchro Summons [brd] who is [pwwb]ed back to the Extra Deck! A little defeated, Grunewald ends by setting one [fd] [st].

At the start of his turn Grunewald flips [transmig] slamming [blaster] and [tdrag] back into the Deck, limiting Chetoni’s options! He activates [7ss] and banishes [redox], getting a [redox] to hand. He sets two [fd] [sts], sighs, and finishes.

Grunewald banishes [tdrag] and [tidal] but is [debunk]ed and is unable to Special Summon [blaster]. He stills gets [tdrag] and [tidal] from his Deck to his hand, who are happy enough to be with their brothers!

[redox] banishes [maxx] and [corseca] to summon himself in DEF mode. Chetoni then plays his [f guard] and Synchro Summons [colossal] and attacks!

Grunewald discards [tdrag] and [corseca] to bring [blaster] to hand and then banishes them both to Special Summon [tidal] in DEF mode! [maxx] is played, Chetoni feeling he can reap the benefits. He gets [f guard] with [blaster] and then Normal Summons him, Synchro Summons his own [colossal] and ends with his defences all made up!

Chetoni tears through them by discarding two [blaster] and destroying [colossal]! He removes [blaster] and [f guard] to Special Summon [tdrag] and attacks! [fader] hits the field and the attack stops! He starts [mp2] and banishes two cards to Special Summon [redox] and Xyz Summon [sack]! He removes a material to Special Summon two tokens and then uses [sack]’s effect to destroy himself and [fader].

Grunewald Special Summons a [tdrag] by banishing [f guard] and [tdrag]. He plays [debris] and Special Summons [trigon]. Chetoni uses [pwwb] on [debris] to stop any Synchro Summons. Grunewald just gets rid of the tokens as they were “in the way”.

Chetoni removes [debris] and [tdrag] to Special Summon [redox]. He searches for a [debris] and Normal Summons it, Synchro Summoning an [afd]. He attacks, sets one [fd] [st] and ends his turn.

[debris] is Normal Summoned by Grunewald and is joined by his friend [trigon]! He Synchro Summons [brd] to clear the field. He Special Summon [tidal], attacks and ends with a face full of advantage.

Chetoni has no answers.

Grunewald banishes two Monsters and Special Summons [tidal], Normal Summons [corseca] and attacks… straight into [scarecrow]. He Synchro Summons [scrap dragon] and ends his turn.

Chetoni Special Summons [redox] and [tdrag], Xyz Summons into [11], detaches a material and attacks for game!
[b]Chetoni wins Game Two[/b]
[b]Game Three[/b]

Do I play this Dragon, or this Dragon?

Grunewald starts the best first turn I’ve seen in a while. Want card advantage? Because he’s got some going spare! He plays [consonance] discarding [corseca], he then plays [consonance] discarding [debris], he then plays [7ss] removing [tdrag] and bringing a [debris] to hand. He finishes with a [terraforming] to get [ravine], discarding [tdrag] to get [trigon] to his Graveyard and Normal Summon [debris] Special Summoning [trigon] and Synchro Summons [afd] destroying his [ravine] and getting another from his Deck. He sets three [fd] [sts] and ends!

Chetoni discards two [tdrag] to get a [blaster] from his Deck. He discards [blaster] and [trigon] to destroy [mst]. He sets two [fd] [sts] to even things up and passes.

[afd] attacks! Grunewald plays his [ravine] and destroys it to fetch another from his Deck. He plays [7ss] and banishes his [afd] from play. He plays his last [ravine] and discards [tidal]. Chetoni sees what’s happening and puts a stop to it with his own [mst]!

Chetoni’s [blaster] gets bored and banishes two [tdrag]s so he can come to the field! Grunewald is ready for him and chains [transmig] on [trigon] and [blaster]. He still gets his [tdrag]’s effect and gets [tdrag] from his deck. Chetoni attempts to end but Grunewald doesn’t let him just yet with an [mst] up in his face!

Grunewald Special Summons [tidal] and gets [corseca] to his hand. He plays [corseca] but his attack is stopped by [scarecrow]! He enters [mp2] and Synchro Summons [colossal]. He lays down a [fd] and throws it back to Chetoni.

Chetoni’s [7ss] banishes [tdrag] allowing him to get a [corseca]. [redox] is Special Summoned, [corseca] is Normal Summoned and [scrap dragon] is Synchro Summoned. He sets one [fd] [st] but it is immediately [mst]’d he sets another [fd] [st] and destroys it to destroy [colossal fighter]!

Grunewald attacks directly then Special Summons [tidal]. He sets up a [fd] [st] and thrusts the turn back.

Chetoni Normal Summons [debris] and Special Summons [maxx] for [scrap dragon] fodder! [scrap dragon] destroys [maxx] to destroy [tidal]. He Special Summons [redox] and Synchro Summons [star eater] and attacks! [scrap dragon] meets a [break] and it looks like Chetoni may win!

Unfortunately it only [i]looks like[/i], as Grunewald reveals his [electric virus]!
[b]Grunewald wins 2-1![/b]

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