Top 16: Michel Grüner (DEU) vs Omar Seliman (ITA)

[p]We’re down to the final 16 Duelists of the weekend! This Top 16 Feature Match pits the Champion of YCS Bochum, Michel Grüner against Italian Duelist Omar Seliman. Seliman made it to Madrid through a Regional Qualifier and is running T.G., against Grüner’s Tengu Plants.[/p]


Omar Seliman has got to Duel twice as hard in this Match!

[p]One of the most important things to know about playing in high-level events expecially ones with hundreds of players is that everything needs to run as smoothly as possible to avoid delays. To that end Duelists have to get to their Matches on time. If Duelists are late to their Matches they can receive a Game Loss after 3 minutes, or a Match Loss after 10 minutes. Of course this rule also applies to our Feature Match area and unfortunately Omar arrived 4 minutes late to the Feature Match area and starts this Match one Duel down, but that won’t stop him giving it his all, in fact it might motivate him to Duel harder![/p]


Seliman's opening hand for Duel 2.

Seliman [ns]ed [tengu] and Set 3 Spells or Traps.

Grüner Set [tt] on his turn while holding a [gorz].

[p]Seliman Summoned [rhino] and Grüner responded with [tt]. Both monsters were destroyed and Seliman [ss]ed another Tengu from his Deck. Tengu attacked directly and Grüner Summoned [gorz] and an Emissary of Darkness Token, both in Defense Position. Seliman Set 1 Spell or Trap and added [striker] to his hand in the End Phase.[/p]

[p]Grüner drew [book], adding it to his hand of [warning], [bulb], [veiler] and [hole]. He turned Gorz to [atk] and destroyed the Tengu in battle before Seliman Summoned his third copy. In [mp2] Grüner [ns]ed [bulb], Tuned it with the Token to [synch] [stardust] and Seliman responded with [ro]! Grüner Set [warning] and [book]. In the End phase Seliman used [mst] to destroy [warning].[/p]

[p]Seliman flipped his [duality] over, revealing [wanghu], [rhino] and [hotpants], taking the latter. He Set a monster and a Spell or Trap.[/p]

Grüner’s Gorz destroyed Tengu in battle.

Seliman Set another monster and Spell or Trap.

Grüner’s Gorz took down [warwolf] next and Seliman added [rhino] to his hand in the End Phase.

[p]Seliman Summoned the Rhino and declared an attack on [gorz], but Grüner responded with [mf]. Seliman let it through and [rhino] was destroyed, he Ended his turn right away though and missed his chance to get its effect! [p]

Grüner attacked with Gorz again but Seliman banished it with [dprison].

[p]Seliman flip [warwolf], attack directly to bring Grüner down to 5100 Life Points. He Set a monster and ended his turn.[/p]

Grüner passed his turn, making no plays.

[p]Seliman [wanghu] and declared an attack with [warwolf], Grüner let it through. He then declared an attack with [wanghu] and Grüner let that one go ahead too.[/p]

[p]Grüner played [hole] and all 3 of Seliman’s monsters were destroyed, including a Set [striker]. Grüner Set 2 Spells or Traps and completed his turn as Seliman added [rhino] and [warwolf] to his hand.[/p]

[p]Seliman [ns]ed [rhino] and attacked but Grüner flipped [book]. Seliman had [bribe] to negate it and then flipped 2 copies of [hotpants] during the Damage Step to boost Rhino’s ATK by 1600![/p]


Michel Grüner has tasted top-level success before!


Omar Seliman was back in the Match!


[p]Grüner started off Duel 3 with [tour], [ss]ing [sangan] from his Deck. He Set [mf] and ended his turn.[/p]

[p]Seliman played [mst] to destroy [mf] and [ss]ed [striker] before [ns]ing [tengu]. Tengu took down [tour], Seliman Set 2 Spells or Traps and passed play back to Grüner.[/p]

[p]Grüner Summoned a Tengu of his own and entered his Battle Phase. Grüner’s Tengu attacked Seliman’s copy and both were destroyed before 2 more were Summoned, and finally another 2 after those were destroyed. Grüner’s third [tengu] clashed with Seliman’s copy and they went to the Graveyard as well. [sangan] destroyed [striker] and Grüner Set 1 Spell or Trap Card. Seliman added [warwolf] to his hand in the End Phase.[/p]


It's time for a Tengu tango!

[p]Seliman Summoned [warwolf] and destroyed [sangan] in battle. Grüner added [lonefire] to his hand with its effect. He Set 1 Spell or Trap to finish his turn.[/p]

[p]Grüner activated [poa] to send all 5 of his monsters back to his Deck and draw [debris] and [141]. He [ns]ed [lonefire] and Tributed it, Seliman Chained [oppression] and Grüner Chained his [mst]! Grüner Summoned another [lonefire] and did the same before [ss]ing [dandy]. Time on the round was then called and only three turns would remain after this one. Grüner then activated [141], discarding [gorz] to [ss] [bulb]. Seliman used [ced] and Grüner Chained [econ] to take [warwolf]. Grüner Summoned [bulb] with its effect (sending [reborn] to the Graveyard) and [synch]ed [brd] and 2 [fluff][s]. Grüner entered his Battle Phase and Seliman activated [fiendish]. Grüner Set 1 Spell or Trap.[/p]

Seliman set a monster on his turn.

[p]Grüner [ns]ed [debris], targeted [dandy]. Seliman Chained [crow] and Grüner Chained [call] to get his [dandy] to the field! He [synched] [trish] and banished Seliman’s Set [dyna] and [striker], while getting 2 [fluff][s]. Grüner Set his final card and ended his turn.[/p]

This was the final turn and Seliman had no way to turn it around!


Michel Grüner is now in the Top 8!


Trishula paves the way for Grüner's victory!
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