Top 16: Peter Groß vs Jack Bruun

02.12.2012 | 14:44 |

[p]The Top 16 feature Match should look familiar, as it’s a repeat of the final from Toulouse! That time, it was Peter Groß who defeated Jack Bruun to take his first YCS title. He then followed up by winning the Sealed YCS at Sheffield. In order to win a third he’ll have to defeat a familiar face; so familiar in fact that they already competed in Swiss. That Match was a Draw, so there’s some scores to settle for sure! [/p]


He's won the last 2, can he make it 3?

[div]Bruun opened the Match with a Set monster and 4 [st]s.

Groß Summoned [tgu] and brought out another copy with its effect. Bruun let it go and Groß [xyz]ed [zenmaines] in [def], which was halted by [warning]. Groß set 2 cards to finish.

Bruun Summoned [kabaz] and attacked directly.

Groß used [pod] to add [i fly] to his hand before Setting a monster.

Bruun drew [macro] and Summoned another [kabaz], to which Groß played [bth] and Bruun responded with [lance]. Groß then played [tt] and Bruun won out with [sj]! [laggia] soon came down along with a Set [macro].

Groß [fs]ed [i fly] and then played [i bug], to which Bruun flipped [macro]! Things just got interesting around here as the crowd watching the match gasped. Groß set a monster and conceded once Bruun revealed the [rabbit] he drew.[/div]

1-0 to Bruun!



Could Bruun finally defeat his toughest opponent?

[div]If Groß was to win a third YCS in a row, he’d have to do it the hard way; he can’t afford to make any mistakes now. He opened Duel 2 with 2 Set [st]s.

Bruun Summoned [saurus] and attacked directly before Setitng 2 cards.

Groß Set a monster and [st].

Bruun Summoned [guaiba] and Groß responded with [bth], which was shut off by [lance]. Guaiba declared an attack and [ryko] was flipped; Groß destroyed [saurus] as another Guaiba hit the field. Bruun [xyz]ed [dolkka] and Groß destroyed it with [warning].

Groß Summoned [i bug] and [i mantis] was equipped, followed by [kaliber]. Ladybug attacked directly.

Bruun Summoned [saurus] and attacked Ladybug, using [lance] to take it down. Groß got back his [i bug] with Kaliber’s effect, and in the End Phase played [decree].

Groß Summoned [i bug], equipped [i mantis] to it and attacked directly, Setting a card.

Bruun Set a card.

Groß attacked with Ladybug again.

Bruun Set a monster and [st].

Groß played [storm] and cleared most of the field. [pod] got him [foolish], which sent [i hornet] to the Graveyard. Bruun saw enough and got ready for Duel 3.[/div]

Groß fights back to 1-1!



The Match had drawn a crowd, both here and by the big screen.

[div]Bruun opened the final Duel with [rabbit], eventually [xyz]ing [laggia]. He then Set [dust] and [macro].

Groß played [hole] and Laggia negated it. Then [storm] came down to clear Bruun’s backrows! Groß Set a monster and [st] to finish.

Bruun took down the Set [i bug] in battle and set 2 cards.

Groß set a [st].

Bruun attacked directly with Laggia.

Groß played [mop].

Bruun entered his Battle Phase, and tried to destroy Messenger with [dust], but Groß had [decree]! The crowd cheered the play as Bruun set a monster.

Groß paid for Messenger and passed.

Bruun [fs]ed [saurus], Summoned another and [mst] destroyed the Messenger, allowing Bruun to attack freely, and once Groß saw his next card that was that.[/div]

Jack Bruun finally gets to beat Peter Groß, and progresses to Top 8!