Top 16: Sheik Soegrimsingh (Dino Rabbit) vs Anthony Francis (Fire Fist)

[p]Top 16! Sheik Soegrimsingh from the Netherlands faced off against the UK’s Anthony Francis, as Dino Rabbit takes on Fire Fist. Soegrimsingh is competing in his second YCS, having also taken part in YCS Barcelona. For Francis, this is his third, he was at the 2 UK YCS events (Sheffield and Brighton) before this. For both Duelists this is their first “top” and first Feature Match. Let’s get this underway![/p]

A Top 16 appearance in his second YCS, nicely done!

[div]Soegrimsingh opened with [tgu], Summoning [sangan] and Setting 2 cards.

Francis Summoned [tengu] (it’s back!) and ran over Tour Guide before setting 3 [st]s. [mst][s] destroyed 2 of them.

Soegrimsingh Summoned [saurus] but lost it to [dprison].

Francis drew his second Tengu and Summoned it before [xyz]ing [b]Abyss Dweller[/b]. He negated [sangan] with it after destroying it in battle before Setting a card.

Soegrimsingh Set a monster and [st].

Francis played [pod] and added [ff bear] to his hand. He Summoned it and lost it to [warning] as Dweller attacked into [reaper]. Francis set 1 card.

Soegrimsingh Summoned [saurus] and took down Dweller.

Francis played [hole] and passed.

Soegrimsingh Summoned [kabaz] and attacked directly.

Francis Summoned [ff bear] and used [ff tensen] to help it overcome [kabaz]. Bear’s effect let Francis Set [ff tenki] and activate it to search for [ff dragon].

Soegrimsingh laughed in disbelief, possibly at what he drew. His hand was either amazing or not so amazing. He Set a monster.

Francis played [ff tenki] to search for [ff bear]. He then Summoned [ff dragon] and used its effect to revive [ff bear]. The second Bear’s effect destroyed the Set monster and Francis attacked for game with his remaining monsters.[/div]

The Fire Fists of Francis take the lead!


Laggia; so nice he Summoned it twice.

[div]Soegrimsingh opened Duel 2 with [rabbit], which quickly became 2 copies of [saurus] and then [laggia]. Soegrimsingh Set 3 cards.

Francis played [pod], taking [ff bear]. [hole] attempted to destroy Laggia but the [lance] negated it. Francis then used [mst] to destroy [macro] and Summoned [ff dragon] which [laggia] halted. He Set a card and lost it to [mst].

Soegrimsingh Summoned a second [rabbit]! The crowd watching let out an “ohhhh!” in exclamation. He Summoned 2 [kabaz] with it and attacked with all 3 monsters before Summoning another Laggia. That was enough to seal Duel 2.[/div]

A swift set of Rabbits level the Match up!


Francis was one of the many Duelists to make the trip from London.

[div]Francis opened Duel 3 with [ff tenki] for [ff dragon], which he Summoned before Setting 2 cards.

Soegrimsingh Set a monster and 2 [st]s. Francis played [ff tensen] which triggered Dragon’s effect to Set [ff tenken]. Smart play by Francis there.

Francis Summoned [barbaros]! Dragon attacked into Reaper and [ced] swatted it away to clear the path for Barbaros, which was banished by [dprison].

Soegrimsingh Set a monster and [st].

Francis played [ff tenki], searching for [ff gorilla], which he Summoned. [warning] got rid of it. Dragon revived Gorilla, Soegrimsingh played [tt] and [ff tenken] saved Gorilla, which attacked directly.

Soegrimsingh Set a monster and a [st].

Francis used Gorilla’s effect to target [mst] which destroyed [row]. Gorilla took down the set [saurus] and Set [ff tensu], which was activated in [mp2]. Francis [ns]ed another Gorilla and [xyz]ed [ff tigerking], adding [ff tenken] to his hand. He then [ns]ed [tengu].

Soegrimsingh played [storm] and [ff tenken] was used on Tiger King. He set a monster.

Francis played [pod] to get [ff tensen] and Set it. Tengu attacked and Tiger King attacked directly.

Soegrimsingh Summoned [rabbit]! He used it to bring out 2 copies of [kabaz]. [laggia] was Summoned and declared an attack on Tiger King. Francis played [ff tensen], Laggia negated it and destroyed its opponent.

Francis turned Tengu to [def].

Soegrimsingh destroyed Tengu with Laggia and another was Summoned before he Set a card.

Francis Set a [st].

Soegrimsingh took down the second Tengu and Set a card, which [mst] destroyed.

Francis set a card and passed.

Soegrimsingh attacked with Laggia and set a monster.

Francis passed.

Soegrimsingh [fs]ed [reaper] and attacked directly, discarding Francis’s last card and Laggia attacked directly. He [fs]ed [sangan] and [sj] negated the [leviair] which was [xyz]ed.

Francis drew [barbaros] and conceded what was a tense and enjoyable Match![/div]

Sheik Soegrimsingh turns the Match around and proceeds to Top 8!


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