Top 16: Simon He (Dino Rabbit) vs. Lee Hung Chu (Dino Rabbit)

[p]We’re now up as far as the Top 16. Simon He is the last European Duelist standing after all the others were defeated in the playoffs, and he’s up against Lee Hung Chu, from Vancouver Canada. This is a Dino Rabbit mirror-match which will decide which Duelist progresses to the Top 8. Let’s see how it all goes down![/p]

Simon He is the last European Duelist standing (or in this case sitting).

[div]He won the roll and chose to go first with a Set monster.

Lee Summoned [guaiba] and attacked into [snowman], which destroyed it. Lee set 1 card to finish.

He Summoned [rabbit]! He Summoned 2 [kabaz] and got hit with [tt].

Lee Set a monster and a Spell/Trap.

He Summoned [tour]! He followed it up with [sangan] and [book] was Chained, flipping Tour Guide down.

Lee [fs]ed [guaiba] (He comments on it being such a good play). Lee [ns]ed another copy and He discarded [maxx]. Lee Summoned [dolkka] and negated [sangan]’[s] effect when it was destroyed. Lee Set 1 card to finish.

He played [mst] on [lance] and followed up by asking if Lee has Gorz (Lee declined to answer). He flipped over [tour], ummoned [kabaz] and played [smash] on Dolkka before attacking directly with both monsters.

Lee Summoned his own [kabaz] and ran over [tour].

He drew [mind]! He took his opponent’s copy, attacked with his own, and Xyz Summoned [laggia].


Lee Set a Monster and a back row card.

He played [mst] on [warning] and Laggia ran over another [kabaz].

Lee Set 2 cards.

He played [storm] which was negated by [sj]. Laggia attacked and Lee conceded soon after.[/div]

Simon He takes the lead!


Lee will need to win 2 straight.

[div]Lee Set a monster and a Spell/Trap to start Duel 2.

He played [hole], destroying [sangan], which got Lee a [rabbit].

Lee Summoned [rabbit], banished it for 2 [kabaz] which attacked directly. Lee Summoned [laggia] in [mp2] and Set a card.

He Set a monster and 3 back row cards.

Lee Summoned [saurus] and Laggia attacked into [snowman], which was negated by [lance]. [saurus] attacked directly and Lee set another card.

He Summoned [rabbit]! 2 [kabaz] hit the field before Lee flipped one down with [bom]. He played [mind] on Laggia, and Lee let it go! Simon ran the numbers through his head and conceded regardless, he felt that Lee had the Duel won next turn.[/div]

It’s going to a third and final Duel!


This next one's for all the marbles.

[div]He started off Duel 3 with a Set [kabaz] and Spell/Trap.

Lee Set a monster and Spell/Trap also.

He flipped [storm] destroying [prison], [fs]ed [kabaz] and [ns]ed another copy to Xyz Summon [dolkka], which negated the [snowman] it ran over. He set a card to finish.

Lee Summoned [kabaz] and used [lance] to take down Dolkka before Setting 2 cards.

He Set a monster and a back row card.

Lee Set a monster.

He Summoned [sangan] and entered his Battle Phase, running into [snowman], which destroyed it. [sangan] gave He a free [rabbit].

Lee Set a Spell/Trap.

He Summoned [rabbit] and was hit with [warning] when it was banished.

Lee Summoned [tour] and He discarded [maxx]. [sangan] was Summoned before Lee passed.

He [fs]ed [snowman] and targeted his opponent’s copy. [fiendish] was Lee’s response. He played [reborn] on [sangan] and Xyz Summoned [leviair]. Leviair tried to bring back Rabbit but Lee Chained [f chalice]. He had [lance] thought and [rabbit] was Summoned! He followed up with 2 [saurus], one of them flipped down with Lee’s [bom]. He attacked with [saurus] over Lee’s [kabaz], and Set [mf].

Lee Xyz Summoned [leviair] which was hit with [horn]! Lee Set a Spell/Trap.

He [fs]ed [saurus] and [leviair] brought back [rabbit], which was used to Xyz Summon [39]. Lee wiped the field with [tt], losing a [sangan] which got him a [rabbit] of his own. He Summoned [tour]! It brought out another copy to set up [17]. He detached a material and attacked directly before Setting a card to finish.

Lee Set a Spell/Trap.

He attacked with [17] again.

Lee Summoned [rabbit], but He had the [warning] to seal the Match![/div]

Simon He progresses to Top 8!


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