Top 32 Competitor Information

26.10.2014 | 17:16 |


We have now taken a look at all 32 Decklists in the playoffs and can break down our previous metagame outlook a little further. Here is what Deck each Top 32 competitor played this weekend, as well as what country they call home!

Name Country Decktype
Adler, Rusty Germany Burning Abyss
Petz, Nicolas Germany Burning Abyss
Claudio, Destro Italy Burning Abyss
Lima, Ruben Spain Burning Abyss
Quinsee, Jake UK Burning Abyss
Jackson, Daniel UK Burning Abyss
Grabert, Dave UK Burning Abyss
Paine, Tom UK Burning Abyss
Peiris, Piyal Germany Evilswarm
Vossen, Niels Belgium Satellarknight
Baranovskis, Vladis Ireland Satellarknight
Quinsee, Luke UK Satellarknight
Rieder, Patrik Austria Shaddoll
Barowski, Domenic Austria Shaddoll
Rocher, Christian France Shaddoll
Duval, Enzo France Shaddoll
Karatchewsky, Nicolas France Shaddoll
Engin, Alpay Germany Shaddoll
Fabian, Sascha Germany Shaddoll
Pacchiana, Paolo Italy Shaddoll
agnolini, valerio Italy Shaddoll
Mazzuoccolo, Marco Italy Shaddoll
Cesano, Davide Italy Shaddoll
Zoppini, Federico Italy Shaddoll
Lari, Riccardo Italy Shaddoll
Barberi, Marcello Italy Shaddoll
Neven, Rafael Netherlands Shaddoll
Canova, Reto Switzerland Shaddoll
Stephenson, Darren UK Shaddoll
Barrett, Nick UK Shaddoll
Lloyd, Chad UK Shaddoll
Lukenda, Oliver Germany Shaddoll Abyss