Top 32 Deck Breakdown

11.05.2014 | 11:34 |

It’s a rainy Sunday morning in Birmingham but that hasn’t dampened our Duelist’s spirits! We kick off the top 32 showdown today with a look at what Decks are being ran by our finalists!

Up first is Bujin! I’ve said in previous YCS articles that I have no idea why this Deck hasn’t really won anything. They have a lot of cards that almost a mimic the effect of [honest] from the Graveyard, and with a search engine that puts these cards in there from the Deck your opponents come up against a devastating force. They can essentially make an indestructible Monster. It will be nice to see how they play out!
[header]Mythic Dragon Ruler[/header]
Dragon Ruler is still kicking around, it was never really gone, it simply [i]evolved[/i]. It may not be as fast as it used to be but there’s still a lot of support for the Deck. It’s completely possible that we’ll go back a format to a Dragon Ruler mirror final!
[header]Geargia and Mermail[/header]
Geargia and Mermail are still here. I’m sure you know what they all do by now! They’re [i]EVERYWHERE[/i]. They seem to now pale in popularity when compared to the other Decks in this list though, and it’s possible that this is down to the skill level of the players. Sometimes when a Deck is popular you’ll see many players pick it up, expecting to win without much practice. This isn’t how works, you need to work for your prizes!
Infernity have climbed up the ladder because they’re so incredibly fast. When they go off they most certainly leave an impression (usually in their opponent’s life points). For more info on how they play check out Tom Paine’s round one feature match!
[header]The Others?[/header]
This meta breakdown makes me happy. Usually the amount of Deck Types is much smaller. The fact we have a Noble Knight in there is great, it’s not often that we see them do so well! Pure Karakuri is insane to watch being played, I’ve not seen so many cards played in a single turn since Dragon Ruler format. Harpie made it into the top 32, not just any Harpie however, it’s Lewis Norman’s Harpie Deck!

It’s a very interesting spread and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top!