Top 32 Feature Match: Andrea Russo vs Andrea Caruso

After 10 Rounds of swiss we finally have our Top 32! We’ll see how the other 30 Duelists got on as the tournament progresses, but for now we’ve got what should be an exhilarating Feature Match. Andrea Caruso has already been at the feature Match table this morning, defeating Pierre Pardelles with his Formula Monarch Deck. Andrea Russo on the other hand has not been here before, and is running a whole new variant of Plant Synchro called Chaos Plants!

Andrea Caruso's back for another Feature!


Russo started off the Match with a Set [dandy] and [book].

Caruso Summoned [swap], sending [tree] to the Graveyard before returning [swap] to his hand.

Russo Flip Summoned [dandy], Normal Summon [spore], and Tuned the 2 together for [arm] (Russo also Summoned 2 [fluff][s] with [dandy]'[s] effect). [arm] attacked directly to bring Caruso down to 6200 Life Points.

Caruso Summoned [tree] in the Standby Phase and Tributed it for [econ] to take control of [arm]. Then he Summoned it again and Tributed both monsters to Summon [ladd]. [ladd] destroyed a [fluff] in battle and Caruso ended his turn.

Russo drew [gorz] and Tributed his remaining [fluff] to Summon [caius]. [ladd] negated Caius’ effect (going down to 2300 ATK) and Caius ran over it for 100 points of damage. Caruso Special Summoned [tree] with [ladd]'[s] effect as Russo ended his turn.

Caruso Tributed [tree] for a Caius of his own and removed Russo’s copy from play, inflicting 1000 points of damage to Russo’s Life Points. Caius declared an attack and Russo stopped it with [book].

Russo drew [glowup] and Summoned [debris]. He targeted the [dandy] in his Graveyard but lost it to Caruso’s [crow].

Caruso Special Summoned [tree] from his Graveyard and Normal Summoned [swap], sending [ronin] from his Deck to the Graveyard. Caius attacked [debris] and Russo activated [book], again flipping Caius face-down. [swap] attacked [debris] after this and both were destroyed.

Charge? Sorcerer? This isn't a regular Plant Synchro Deck, that's for sure!

Russo activated [charge], which got him a [ryko] after he send [sorcerer], [lonefire] and [avarice] to the Graveyard. He removed [lonefire] from play to Special Summon a Level 4 [spore]. Next, Russo Summoned [dandy] and Synchro Summoned [brd] (and 2 [fluff][s]) opting not to destroy everything on the field. Russo activated [blackrose]'[s] other effect though, removing [spore] from play to flip [caius] into Attack Position with 0 ATK. Black Rose took down the Caius with ease and Russo ended his turn.

Caruso Tributed the [treeborn] on his field to Summon [dds], destroying [blackrose], and after it attacked directly Russo Special Summoned [gorz] and an [b]Emissary of Darkness Token[/b]. [dds] went back to Caruso’s hand in the End Phase.

Russo declared an attack with Gorz and was stopped by [fader]. In Main Phase 2 he Summoned [glowup], Tuning it with his Level 7 Token to Synchro Summon [stardust]. He Set [book] to finish.

Caruso activated [soul ex] Tributing [stardust] for [dds]. Russo Chained [book] to its effect to prevent Gorz from being destroyed. Caruso then removed [swap] from play to Summon [ronin], and returned [dds] to his hand in the End Phase.

Russo flipped Gorz over and Summon [debris], which got him a [dandy] from his Graveyard. He Tuned the 2 together to Synchro Summon [blackrose], again opting to not clear the field. He removed the other [blackrose] in his Graveyard from play to turn [ronin] to Attack Position (with 0 ATK), and attacked for game!

Black Rose Dragon has TWO effects!?


Black Rose Dragon seals Duel 1 for Russo!

Caruso kicked off Duel 2 with a Set monster.

Russo drew [debris] and passed, bluffing a [gorz] he didn’t have in his hand.

Caruso passed.

Russo set [tt] on his turn. Both Duelists were waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Caruso set a Spell or Trap and ended his turn.

Russo drew [avarice], Normal Summoned [lonefire] and used its effect to Special Summon another copy from his Deck, and Tributed that one for an Attack position [dandy]. He attacked and destroyed Caruso’s Set [tree] with [dandy],and in the End Phase Caruso destroyed Russo’s Set [tt] with [mst].

Andrea Russo's running one of the wildest Decks I've seen all weekend.

Caruso Special Summoned [tree] from his Graveyard and Tributed it for [raiza]. Raiza’s effect returned [dandy] to the top of Russo’s deck and then Caruso attacked directly with his Monarch for 2400 points of damage.

Russo drew [dandy] again and Set it, along with [avarice].

Caruso Summoned [tree] and Tributed his 2 monsters for [ladd]. [ladd] attacked [dandy], and negated its effect when it was destroyed.

Russo drew [wrath], and Set it along with a [glowup].

Caruso destroyed the Bulb with [ladd], and ended his turn with 7 cards in-hand (he discarded [ronin] in the End Phase).

Russo drew for his turn and checked [ladd]'[s] effect before Setting [debris]. He then tried to Summon [glowup], but [ladd] negated it (and went down to 1800 ATK). Russo passed back to Caruso.

Caruso attacked with [ladd] and bounced off of a Defence Position [debris] (with 2000 DEF) on his turn.

Russo Set a Spell or Trap before ending.

Caruso attempted to Summon [tree] and [ladd] negated its effect. As he was still in the End Phase, Caruso kept doing this until [ladd] couldn’t negate anything and he eventually Summoned it. He then Tributed the [tree] for [caius], removing [debris] from play. Caius attacked and Russo went down to 3200 Life Points. [ladd] was turned to Defence Position in Main Phase 2.

Russo Normal Summoned [debris], but lost his target ([lonefire]) to [crow]. [debris] attacked over [ladd], destroy everything on Caruso’s field as a result. Caruso Summoned [raiza] from his graveyard with [ladd]'[s] effect. Russo ended his turn.

Light and Darkness Dragon has finally been defeated!

Caruso Special Summoned [tree], then activated [soul ex] to Tribute Russo’s [debris] for [raiza], whose effect was negated with [wrath]. Russo discard a [dandy] for the cost of Wrath and Special Summoned 2 [fluff][s].

Russo flipped [avarice] on his turn (it was Set for a total of 10 turns), sending back [dandy], [debris], [bulb], [ryko] and [lonefire]. He drew [veiler] and [trag] with [avarice]'[s] effect and Set the [ryko] already in his hand, completing his turn.

Caruso Summoned [swap], sending [dupe] to the Graveyard. [swap] destroyed a [fluff] in battle, and Raiza attack [ryko]. Ryko destroyed Raiza with its effect, and Russo sent [watt sq] (which he sided in), [bth] and [wrath]. Caruso returned [swap] to his hand and ended his turn.

Russo passed, making no plays.

Caruso Summoned [swap], sending [dupe] to the Graveyard. [tree] destroyed the remaining [fluff], [swap] attacked directly, and Russo Special Summoned [trag], which was destroyed by [hole] in Main Phase 2.

Russo passed on his turn, again not playing a single card.

Caruso Summoned [swap], sending [swap] to the Graveyard. [swap] attacked directly and then went back to Caruso’s hand in Main Phase 2.

Russo finally played a card, activating [charge]. [bulb], [spore] and [ryko] were sent to the Graveyard, as Russo added another Ryko to his hand and Set it.

Caruso discarded [tree] to Special Summon [swap], which sent another copy to the Graveyard. That [swap] was removed from play to Special Summon [ronin] and Caruso Tributed his 2 monsters to Summon [ladd]. [ladd] attacked the face-down [ryko] and negated its effect (going down to 2300 ATK).

Russo drew and checked both Graveyards. He removed [bulb] from play to activate [spore]'[s] effect, which was negated by [ladd] (now on 1800 ATK). Russo then [ryko], and [trag] to Special Summon [sorcerer] and took down [ladd] in battle! Caruso’s Set [chain] was destroyed but he got to Summon [caius] from his Graveyard. In Main Phase 2, Russo Normal Summoned [veiler], and Tuned it with his [sorcerer] to Synchro Summon [arcanite], using one of its Spell Counters to destroy Caius.

Arcanite Magician shows up to give Russo a hand.

Caruso Summoned [tree] and Tributed it for [dds], which had its effects negated by another [veiler]. He Set a Spell or Trap and ended. [dds] remained on the field as its effects were negated for the turn.

Russo tried to use Arcanite’s remaining Spell Counter to destroy [dds], but Caruso had an [veiler] of his own! Russo Tributed Arcnaite for [caius] instead, removing [dds] from play (Caruso also lost 1000 Life Points). Caius declared a direct attack but Caruso had [fader] to stop it.

Caruso played [reborn] to Special Summon Russo’s [spore], which was flipped face-down by [book] (preventing him from Summoning [fsynch]). Caruso removed [swap] from play to try and Summon [ronin], but Russo cut him off with [crow]. Caruso ended his turn as Time was called on the round. The Life points were at 7300 to 1200, in Caruso’s favour. Could Russo turn it around in the next 5 turns?

Russo drew for his turn and set [dandy].

Caruso passed, not wanting to risk anything.

Russo drew for his turn, and checked both Graveyards for a moment. He Tributed his Caius and [dandy] to Summon [gorz] from his hand. 2 [fluff][s] were also Summoned, but Caruso removed them from play with [chain]. Russo checked his Graveyard again and counted out 3 DARK monsters… did he really have [dad] in this Deck? He answered that right away by Summoning it! (it was actually in his opening hand) He removed [crow] from play to destroy [fader], and [sorcerer] to destroy [crevice], which was Chained. Caruso declared DARK for Crevice’s effect (had he known Russo was running [dad] he’d have done it earlier) and removed a Caius from each Graveyard. Russo attacked directly with his 2 monsters to bring Caruso down to 1800 Life Points, and once Caruso saw his next card he offered the handshake!

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Dark Armed Dragon!


Andrea Russo turns things around and seals the match in spectacular fashion!


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