Top 32: Miles Sage (Noble Knights) vs. Sam Shephard (Bujin)

Top 32 is now the tenth round in this year’s UK National Championships. Our players went home and to their hotels respectively last night and now we see a fresh faced Miles Sage and Sam Shephard facing off to get to the top spot! Sage is playing Noble Knights and will be playing against Shephard’s Bujins.

Shephard sat down to his Match and shuffled his opponent’s Deck. He had a bit of friendly banter with Sage “we know what we’re both playing because he 2-0d me in Swiss” said Shephard, it didn’t bode well for Shephard!
[header]Game One[/header]

Top 32! Someone will take home the gold!
Top 32! Someone will take home the gold!

Sage kicked off with a [nk dry] and Set four [fd] [sts].

Shephard Set a [fd] Monster and a [fd] [st].

Sage attacked into [bujin turtle] and ended.

Shephard‘s [pod] revealed [pod], [tt] and [bujin crane] and Shephard took [tt]. He Set another [fd] [st] and a [fd] Monster Card.

Sage popped a [tt] with [mst] and [ns]ed [nk gwa]. In the Battle Phase Sage attacked [bujin quil].

Shephard’s [bujin yam] slammed onto the field and was sprung back to hand with a [ced]. He Set a [fd] [st].

Sage attacked and Set two [fd] [sts].

Shephard’s [bujin yam] entered the field again but was met with a [sw]. [soul charge] was activated and [bujin yam] came back from the Graveyard. [bujin yam]’s effect brought [bujin hare] to the Graveyard and he passed.

Sage [ns]ed [borz] who was then equipped with a [na destiny]. [borz] fetched [nk ex], [na queen] and [na arf], [na ex] went to the hand. [na queen] was equipped to [nk dry] and [bujin yam] was targeted by her effect, then [bujin turtle] was removed in response to stop this. [nk dry] attacked [bujin yam] and [bujin hare] was banished to stop it. [borz] attacked and in the damage step [lance] was activated. Shephard discarded [bujin crane] in response. [nk gwa] attacked and [lance] was activated. It was unaffected and [nk gwa] was destroyed. A critical error on Sage’s part.

Shephard [ns]ed [bujin mika] and attacked [borz]. The [bujin yam] had a [bom] played on it in response, but [na destiny] stopped it from being destroyed.

Sage’s [borz] brought [na gal], [na ex] and [na cal] from the Deck and [na gal] entered the hand. He played [na gal] on [nk dry] and activated the effect and it was negated by [bts]. He attacked and cleared Shephard’s field of Monsters.

Shephard drew into [lance] and conceded.
[header]Game Two[/header]

Shephard went first and played [ff tenki] to [ss] [bujin yam]. He Set two [fd] [sts] and brought [bujin mika] to hand and a [bujin hare] to the Graveyard.

Sage [ns]ed [gawayn] and equipped [na arf]. He destroyed a [sw] with the effect of [na arf] and Set three [fd] [sts].

Shephard [ns]ed [bujin mika] and Set a [fd] [st]. [bujin yam] then put [bujin turtle] in the Graveyard and [bujincarnation] to the hand.

Sage’s [na arf] activated and it met a [mst]. It reequipped and destroyed [tt]. [nk dry] was [ns]ed and [na destiny] equipped. The effect of [nk dry] was stopped by [bujin turtle]. Sage [xyz]ed [king art] who is [veiler]ed. [na destiny] reequipped and he attacked [bujin mika] who was protected by a [bujin hare].

Shephard [xyz]ed [eek] and Sage looked worried. “This is not good!” he proclaimed. [horn] stopped the Summon and [bujincarnation] [ss]ed [bujin hare] and [bujin mika]. Shephard [xyz]ed [susanowo] and detached [bujin hare] to get [bujin quil] to the Graveyard. He attacked and [na destiny] reequipped. In [mp2] [ff tenki] was played and it was [debunk]ed. [bujin yam] was Normal Summoned and [bujin turtle] was sent to the Graveyard.

Sage played [rota] and brought [borz] to hand. He [ns]ed [borz] and used [king art]’s effect to destroy [na destiny] which was then reequipped to [borz]. He used the effect of [borz] and got [na queen], [na gal] and [na cal]. Sage used the effect to gain 500 LP before equipping [na queen] to [borz], and attacking [bujin yam] with [borz]. [bujin hare] was removed to protect [susanowo], [bujin yam] was destroyed. Sage attacked with [king art] and [bujin crane] is discarded. [na cal] is reequipped to [borz] and Sage gains 500 LP.

Shephard used the effect of [susanowo] to get [bujin mika] to the Graveyard. He [ns]ed [bujin yam] and sent [bujin hare] to the Graveyard.

Sage gained 500 LP and used the effect of [borz] to get two [na ex] and a [na queen]. [na ex] entered his hand. He attacked [bujin yam] and [moaa] is activated, [borz] was removed. Time is called; there’s only three turns left!

Shephard attacked directly and Set one [fd] [st].

Sage drew and declared “Game!”

[b]Shephard wins game two![/b]

[header]Game Three[/header]
It was a “sudden death” game; one way or another, it was ending in a few turns’ time. Sage [ns]ed [borz] and equipped [na cal]. [borz] revealed two [na ex] [na destiny] and got [na ex]. [pod] revealed [na queen] [sw] and [nk dry], and then [nk dry] was added to the hand. He equipped [na queen] to [borz] and a [na ex] gaining 500LP and then Set one [fd] [st].

Shephard played [ff tenki] and [ss]ed [bujin yam]. “I’m going to have to go for it I guess!” said Shephard. He played [mst] on a [fd] [na gal] and Set a [fd] [st] card. [bujin yam] searched [bujin crane] and [bujin turtle] was discarded.

Sage gained 500LP. [borz] fetched [na arf], [na destiny] and [na queen]. He got [na arf] to hand and [mst] is played on [twister] which in turn destroyed [na ex]. He then [ns]ed [nk dry] and attacked, at the start of the Damage Step he sent [na queen] to the Graveyard. Shephard Special Summoned [bujin mika]. In [mp2] [nk dry] is equipped with [na arf], the effect is used to reequip [na cal] and gain 500LP. [king art] is [xyz]ed, equipping [na ex], [na cal] and [na destiny]. [na queen] equipped itself from the Graveyard and Sage used the effect of [king art] to destroy the face up [ff tenki].

Shephard [ns]ed [collapserpent] and [xyz]ed [eek], he used the effect and attacked for 0 LP, realising the Match was over.

[b]Sage wins 2-1![/b]

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