Top 32: Sijing You (GER) vs Andrea Zenari (ITA)

29.06.2014 | 14:43 |

Often times the top 64 is one of the hardest games of the tournament. You have just progressed from the Swiss rounds and it’s the first knockout stage of the tournament. Defeat puts you out for sure while victory calms the knockout nerves. Both of these Duelists have made it past that point – Germany’s Sijing You has come this far with Madolche while Italy’s Andrea Zenari has piloted Bujins to the second knockout stage.

After a re-roll Sijing won with a three and decided to start. He opened with Madolche Magileine to replenish itself in the hand and Madolche Ticket along with two backrow.

Zenari started with Bujin Yamato. It attacked over Madolche Magileine which was returned to the Deck and Madolche Anjelly was searched from Ticket. Zenari set three cards and in the End Phase searched Bujingi Hare and discarded it. Also in the End Phase Sijing flipped Forbidden Lance and then activated Full House! It was a huge play that wiped out Zenari’s entire backrow.


Full House just took Zenari's backrow apart!

Full House just took Zenari's backrow apart!


Sijing Summoned Madolche Magileine and searched Madolche Mewfeuille. He played Double Summon and then used his additional Summon to bring out Madolche Anjelly. The effect bought out Madolche Hootcake which in turn got Madolche Messengelato and subsequently Madolche Chateau. The game was moving forward at a lightning pace.


The Madolche revolution was taking place!

The Madolche revolution was taking place!


Leviair the Sea Dragon hit the field next and returned Madolche Magileine which was used with Madolche Anjelly to Xyz Summon Madolche Queen Tiaramisu. The effect sent Yamato back to the Deck and in the Battle Phase Zenari ate a face full of damage leaving him on 1400. The German was wasting no time in putting his Madolche cards to work.

Zenari Summoned Bujin Hirume and Bujingi Turtle. He Xyz Summoned Number 103: Ragnazero and bounced Tiaramisu. Messengelato went down in battle and Zenari set a backrow.

Madolche Mewfeuille allowed Sijing to bring out Madolche Hootcake from the hand and Zenari paused play to think. Fiendish Chain hit the Hootcake and Number 103: Ragnazero bounced the Madolche Mewfeuille. Sijing set a backrow.

Zenari had Pot of Duality which gave him Forbidden Lance. Fire Formation - Tenki searched him a Bujin Yamato which was Summoned. Number 103: Ragnazero attacked Leviair the Sea Dragon and Zenari set a Spell/Trap before searching in the End Phase for a Bujingi Quilin and discarding it.

Sijing played Madolche Mewfeuille and Madolche Anjelly, using the latter effect for Madolche Hootcake and that effet for Madolche Messengelato. It searched another Madolche Chateau.


A flurry of Special Summons from Sijing

A flurry of Special Summons from Sijing


Leviair the Sea Dragon returned a Monster which became Madolche Queen Tiaramisu and returned Bujin Yamato and the Italian’s set card. This was enough for him to conceed as there would be more than enough attack on the field to wipe out his remaining Life Points!

Sijing You takes the first game with Madolche!

The German was playing at breakneck speed – knowing exactly what he wanted to achieve with his turn and how he wanted to do it. Winning the first game meant the Italian would get underway in the second.

He did so with Bujin Yamato and three set Spell/Traps. He ditched a Bujingi Hare from the Deck in the End Phase.


Zenari would have to pull two games back!

Zenari would have to pull two games back!


Sijing spread five backrow down and looked his opponent dead in the face while saying “CHAIN BURN!”

On Zenari’s turn, Fiendish Chain was halted by Mystical Space Typhoon and Yamato attacked successfully. In the End Phase Bujingi Turtle was send to the Graveyard.

Sijing added another backrow to make it five again.

Yamato poked again and Zenari upped his backrow to three. Sijing had nothing in the End Phase to stop a second Bujingi Turtle getting fuelled in the Graveyard.

Sijing just set a Monster. He had one card in hand.

A Turtle was Banished to Summon Bujin Hirume and in the Battle Phase Sijing’s Madolche Hootcake went back in to the Deck while he ate some more damage.


A defensive setup from the German

A defensive setup from the German


After setting a Spell/Trap Zenari moved to his End Phase where Fiendish Chain stopped Yamato. Mystical Space Typhoon took out the newly set Solemn Warning and play was back with the German. He Summoned Madolche Magileine and fished out Madolche Anjelly from the Deck. Another set Spell/Trapwas added and play went back to Zenari.

He sent Hirume in to attack over Madolche Magileine leaving Sijing on 1800. Zenari played Kaiser Colosseum and in the End Phase Sijing flipped Full House to take out his Fiendish Chain and Zenari’s Kaiser and entire backrow. Chain going meant Yamato could use the effect and sent a Bujingi Hare to the Graveyard. Another powerhouse move from Sijing.

On his turn he Summoned Madolche Anjelly and got Madolche Hootcake. When he wanted to use the effect D.D. Crow Banished his Madolche Anjelly. “Sometimes I wish it was a cost” said the German. “Sometimes I don’t.”

Zenari Summoned Bujin Mikazuchi. The Hootcake could not be destroyed by battle so Zenari had to find another way around it. He decided not to do anything else so moved to his End Phase where Sijing flipped Light-Imprisoning Mirror.


Invicible Hootcake is invincible!

Invicible Hootcake is invincible!


He added another set on his turn and in the End Phase Hootcake returned to the Deck.

Zenari attacked on the following turn and none of Sijing’s four set cards could help him!

Zenari evens the score and this one is going to the wire!

Sijing had a fully resolved Full House in both games now. It was really causing a problem for Zenari who was losing three to four cards every time it went off. He managed to have enough of an established field in that last game for it to not matter but couldn’t rely on that going forward.

Sijing would start the third game which gave him more of a chance to pull off his combos and he began the final game of the match with Madolche Magileine to search out Madolche Anjelly. He set four and passed.


Sijing looked to build on his game one win

Sijing looked to build on his game one win


Zenari Summoned Bujingi Hare and it attacked to send Madolche Magileine back to the Deck. A single set ended his turn.

Sijing Summoned Madolche Anjelly and it cost Zenari 2000Life Points to have his Solemn Warning negated by Wiretap. Madolche Anjelly got her effect and Maxx "C" from Zenari got him some cards. Madolche Hootcake was Special Summoned and the effect was halted by D.D. Crow to Banish Madolche Anjelly.

Zenari added a second Bujingi Hare to his side of the field and used the two to Xyz Summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight. Zenari had one card less than Sijing so the effect took out his entire field including three backrow. Kaiser Colosseum would stop any big plays and Zenari passed.


Kaiser stopped Sijing from making his strong Madolche plays!

Kaiser stopped Sijing from making his strong Madolche plays!


Sijing set a Spell/Trap and Monster.

Zenari ran over it – Coach Soldier Wolfbark – with Evilswarm Exciton Knight and set a card.

Sijing set a second backrow.

Evilswarm Exciton Knight poked directly.

Sijing had Fire Formation - Tenki for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear which was met with a Fiendish Chain after sending the Tenki to the Graveyard. Sijing passed.

Evilswarm Exciton Knight attacked over it to leave the German on 5500 who passed his next turn.

Fire Formation - Tenki searched Zenari Bujin Yamato and it was Summoned after Bujin Hirume. He was making the final push!


Too much for Sijing to handle!

Too much for Sijing to handle!


Attacks were successful until Bujin Hirume attempted to end the game, where Fiendish Chain kept Sijing in it. Diamond Dire Wolf in Main Phase 2 dealt with the set Light-Imprisoning Mirror and Zenari passed.

Sijing drew and counted all the cards in both players’ hands and on the field. He Summoned Madolche Anjelly and used her to Summon Madolche Puddingcess. She attacked over the Evilswarm Exciton Knight and Sijing passed.

Bujincarnation from Zenari was enough for Sijing to extend his hand and admit defeat!

Andrea Zenari would be continuing on to the top 16 with Bujin!