Top 4: Alpay Engin (Wind-Up) vs Nick Boulbasakos (Mermail)

24.02.2013 | 18:01 |

Top 4! In this Semi-Final match we see German Duelist Alpay Engin face off against Greek sensation Nick Boulbasakos! This is Alpay’s first visit to the Feature Match table this weekend and Nick’s second in succession. Let’s see how the action unfolds!

He's back for more!

Engin opened the Match with Wind-Up Rabbit and 2 Set cards. Boulbasakos started his turn with a Set monster. Engin drew and considered his options before playing Wind-Up Factory and banishing Rabbit. That got him a Wind-Up Shark. He Summoned Wind-Up Magician and then Wind-Up Shark. Boulbasakos played Effect Veiler on Magician and Engin Summoned Abyss Dweller, using its effect and taking down Atlantean Heavy Infantry. Boulbasakos Summoned Genex Controller and followed up with Monster Reborn on Wind-Up Magician. Torrential Tribute cleared the field and Abyss Dweller used its effect. He Set 1 card. Engin’s Rabbit returned and banished itself again to grant him a Wind-Up Shark. He then played Wind-Up Magician and Shark, setting up a string of combos to end with Photon Papilloperative, Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity and Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction on the field. The resulting attacks sealed Duel 1.

Engin winds up winning Duel 1!

Alpay Engin's brought Wind-Ups this far.

Boulbasakos kicked off the second Duel with 2 Set Spell/Traps. Engin played Dimensional Fissure and 2 Set cards. Boulbasakos passed. Engin passed also. Boulbasakos Summoned Atlantean Marksman and lost it to Torrential Tribute before Setting 2 Spell/Traps. Engin Set 1 card. Boulbasakos Summoned Atlantean Marksman and attacked directly, Summoning Atlantean Dragoons to do the same. In Main Phase 2 Boulbasakos Set his 5th Spell/Trap. Engin played Tour Guide From the Underworld, getting another from his hand. He Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, which was sent back to the Extra Deck with Compulsory Evacuation Device. Engin set 1 card. Boulbasakos flipped Heavy Storm and Engin immediately conceded; his hand wouldn’t help him survive the next few turns (he opened with 2 copies of Tour Guide From the Underworld and the Sangan as well).

Boulbasakos brings the Match to a third and final Duel!


Engin started Duel 3 with Tour Guide From the Underworld, which was negated by Effect Veiler so he Set a card. Boulbasakos Set 2 Spell/Traps. Engin Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit and attacked with both monsters. Boulbasakos Set a monster and a Spell/Trap. Engin Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity and used its effect to Summon Wind-Up Magician. Wind-Up Shark came down next, triggering Magician to Summon another copy. Shark changed its Level; to 5 to trigger the second Magician to which ND responded with Gozen Match. Engin had the Mystical Space Typhoon though and continued by Summoning another Shark. He then Xyz Summoned Abyss Dweller and Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh, the latter destroying Boulbasakos’s remaining Spell/Traps. Wind-Up Rat was Summoned and revived Rabbit, which gave Engin Wind-Up Zenmaines. He attacked with all of his monsters, destroying Atlantean Heavy Infantry in the process. Boulbasakos punched his Deck in the hope of getting something good, and set 3 cards. Engin lost his Zenmaioh to Compulsory Evacuation Device. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as Engin had enough plays to secure the Match.

Alpay Engin’s headed towards the finals!