Top 4: Andrea Zenari (ITA) vs Eugen Heidt (GER)

29.06.2014 | 19:11 |

This is probably the most relaxed round of the whole day. With both of these players having secured their place on Team Europe the atmosphere is far less tense. We have seen Zenari earlier using his Bujin Deck to power through the last remaining Madolche Duelist. Heidt is here from Germany and using Mermails to destroy all of the competition he has come up against. Now that the hard part – getting to the World Championship – is done, they are playing for the fame and fortune that comes with being crowned European Champion. Who will proceed to the finals? Let’s find out!

Heidt won the roll and started us off with three set cards.

Zenari played Fire Formation - Tenki for Bujin Yamato and Summoned it. Bottomless Trap Hole was countered with Forbidden Lance but Torrential Tribute on the Chain saw Yamato meet a timely end. The Italian set two more and passed.


Heidt was looking to take Mermails all the way to the finals

Heidt was looking to take Mermails all the way to the finals


Heidt simply passed back and Zenari Summoned Bujingi Quilin and attacked before playing Kaiser Colosseum.

Heidt discarded Atlantean Marksman and Mermail Abyssleed for Mermail Abyssmegalo but it was negated with Solemn Warning. Atlantean Marksman destroyed Compulsory Evacuation Device and Heidt set a second Spell/Trap.

Quilin attacked and Zenari set a Spell/Trap.

Heidt Summoned Mermail Abysspike and didn’t use the effect. Bottomless Trap Hole was countered by Forbidden Lance and the German passed.


Soul Charge set up some big plays for Zenari

Soul Charge set up some big plays for Zenari


Zenari played Soul Charge to get his Bujin Yamato back and Xyz Summoned Bujintei Susanowo. It was hit by Breakthrough Skill after detaching but still ran over the Mermail Abysspike.

Heidt drew to two in hand and played his own Soul Charge for Mermail Abyssleed before passing.

Zenari used the effect of Bujintei Susanowo and on revealing his in hand Bujin Hirume Heidt picked up his cards!

Bujins win the first game!

Both players Side Decked in silence as a crowd watched on and Heidt went first in game two.

Genex Undine was first, sending Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to search Genex Controller. Two backrow passed play to the Italian side of the table.

Zenari Summoned Bujin Yamato and attacked over Undine, activating Kaiser Colosseum in Main Phase 2 and setting two before proceeding to his End Phase. Breakthrough Skill stopped the search-and-dump effect of Yamato.


Zenari won the first game by flooding the field

Zenari won the first game by flooding the field


Heidt activated Mystical Space Typhoon on a set Dimensional Prison and Summoned Mermail Abysspike discarding Atlantean Marksman searching out Mermail Abysslinde before prompting Zenari to activate his Vanity's Emptiness. Heidt flipped his other Mystical Space Typhoon after it resolved to take out both Kaiser Colosseum and Vanity's Emptiness. Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls returned to the field and attacks follows.

Zenari Summoned Bujingi Turtle and attacked Mermail Abysspike before setting a card. Tidal returned to the hand.

Heidt Summoned Mermail Abysslinde and rammed in to the Turtle in an attempt to search but Solemn Warning ended that plan.

Zenari gave his Turtle a pal by Summoning another!


Turtle friends! Ooooooh friend.

Turtle friends! Ooooooh friend.


They both attacked to leave Heidt on 3700 and in Main Phase 2 Bujintei Susanowo was Xyz Summoned and sent Bujingi Hare to the Graveyard from the Deck.

Heidt used Mermail Abysspike to discard Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and search Mermail Abyssgunde. It was discarded with Mermail Abyssturge to Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo and within seconds the German had the following field:


My Number 11: Big Eye sense is tingling..

My Number 11: Big Eye sense is tingling..


It wasn’t long until Number 11: Big Eye followed and after taking Susanowa from Zenari he was attacking to even the score.

Mermails fight back to make it 1-1!

Zenari kicked things off in game three with a Summoned Bujingi Crane and set Debunk.

Heidt Summoned Genex Undine and sent Atlantean Heavy Infantry to search Genex Controller and destroy the Crane. Undine attacked and in Main Phase 2 D.D. Crow Banished Crane while Heidt set a Spell/Trap.

Zenari Summoned Bujingi Hare and attacked over Undine. At the end of his Main Phase 2 Heidt flipped Abyss-Sphere to search Mermail Abysslinde. Zenari used the opportunity to set another Spell/Trap and in his End Phase flipped the Debunk to negate Mermail Abysslinde.

Mermail Abysspike discarded Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord to search Mermail Abysslinde. Heidt set a Spell/Trap and passed.


Bujin attacks cleared the field

Bujin attacks cleared the field


Hare dealt with the Mermail Abysspike and Zenari set another backrow.

Allure of Darkness from Heidt netted him two cards and Mystical Space Typhoon dealt with a set Vanity's Emptiness. Mermail Abysslinde was Summoned and when it attacked Maxx "C" was discarded by the Italian. He drew a card when Mermail Abyssleed hit the field but took some damage when it beat over his Crane. A second set Spell/Trap passed play.

Bujincarnation was halted by D.D. Crow and Zenari went up to two backrow and a set Monster.

Heidt drew and Summoned his topdeck – Mermail Abysslinde – before attacking with Mermail Abyssleed over a set Bujingi Turtle and then directly.

Zenari drew a Debunk and Summoned his other in-hand card – Bujin Hirume. Bottomless Trap Hole was flipped by Heidt and was countered by Forbidden Lance. Zenari set his Debunk before passing.

Heidt attacked over the Hirume with Mermail Abyssleed and then directly with Mermail Abysslinde before setting his topdeck to the backrow.


Yamato was in an ultimate showdown!

Yamato was in an ultimate showdown!


Bujin Yamato off the top was Summoned by Zenari and attacked Mermail Abysslinde, with Debunk stopping the effect. At the end of his Main Phase 2 Heidt flipped Light-Imprisoning Mirror! Yamato didn’t get it’s effect.

Heidt drew and flopped his newly drawn Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls on to the field, Banishing two monsters but having to keep it in his hand after Vanity's Emptiness was flipped. Mermail Abyssleed attacked and on the next turn Zenari didn’t have anything to save him!

Heidt proceeds to the final with Mermail!