Top 4 Feature Match: Joven Garcia vs Kodai Okamoto

744 duelists showed up to play YCS Sydney 2020 but only 4 remain. One of these two duelists will guarantee a prize card with a shot at winning the Ultra Rare. The other will have to play in a 3rd/4th playoff for a chance to win a copy of Duel Link Dragon, the Duel Dragon. On one side we have Kodai Okamoto from Tokyo, Japan who has remained undefeated all the way up to now with his Sky Striker Orcust deck up against Jovan Garcia who we saw earlier still going strong with his Salamangreat deck.  Will Kodai’s hot streak continue all the way to the finals? Let’s find out – It’s time to DUEL!

Duel 1:

Kodai opens a hand of Orcust Crescendo, Infinite Impermanence, Scrap Golem, Orcust Knightmare and Called by the Grave.

Joven opens a hand of Salamangreat Spinny, Salamangreat Foxy, Salamangreat Jack Jaguar, Salamangreat Roar, Salamangreat Circle.

Kodai wins the die roll and chooses to go first. He sets Infinite Impermanence and Called by the Grave before ending his turn.

Joven draws Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring for turn. He leads with Salamangreat Circle to add Salamangreat Gazelle to hand. He Normal Summons Salamangreat Foxy and Link Summons Salamangreat Balelynx to search a Salamangreat Sanctuary and Special Summons Salamangreat Gazelle from hand. Kodai uses Infinite Impermanence to negate Joven’s Gazelle. “Should I go for it? Yeah why not?” Joven asks himself. He Link Summons Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf with his Balelynx and Gazelle. He activates Salamangreat Sanctuary then discards Salamangreat Jack Jaguar to summon back Salamangreat Foxy from his graveyard. He uses Salamangreat Sanctuary to turn Sunlight Wolf into another copy. Salamangreat Jack Jaguar attempts to activate but Kodai will used Called by the Grave to banish it. Joven discards Salamangreat Spinny to increase Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf’s Attack Points and then Special Summons the Salamangreat Spinny from the Graveyard. Sunlight Wolf adds Salamangreat Gazelle and Salamangreat Circle back to Joven’s hand from the Graveyard. Joven then uses Salamangreat Foxy and Salamangreat Spinny to Link Summon Update Jammer. Next he uses Update jammer and Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf to Link Summon Transcode Talker which gains an additional attack this turn before using its own effect which Special Summons back Update Jammer. Kodai knows this combo deals over 8000 damage and concedes. As quick as a flash, Joven wins Game 1.

Top 4 Joven

Duel 2:

Kodai opens a hand of: Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage, Orcustrarted Babel, Dark Grepher, Scrap Golem and Orcust Harp Horror.

Joven opens a hand of: Cynet Mining, Will of the Salamangreat, Lady Debug, Sea Archiver and Salamangreat Falco

Kodai will opt to go first again. He activates Orcustrated Babel and then Normal Summons Dark Grepher. He uses Dark Grepher to discard Orcust Harp Horror to send Orcust Knightmare to the Graveyard. Kodai banishes Orcust Harp Horror from Graveyard to Special Summon Orcust Cymbal Skeleton. Cymbal Skeleton and Dark Grepher are used to Link Summon Galatea, the Orcust Automaton. Orcust Knightmare is banished to send World Legacy – “World Wand” from the deck to the Graveyard. World Legacy – “World Wand” is immediately banished to Special Summon the banished Orcust Knightmare. Galatea returns the World Legacy – “World Wand” to set Orcust Crescendo. Kodai ends his turn

Joven draws Salamangreat Circle for turn. He begins with the Salamangreat Circle to add Salamangreat Gazelle to hand. Cynet Mining discards Salamangreat Falco to add Flame Bufferlo. Joven Normal Summons his Flame Bufferlo and Link Summons Salamangreat Balelynx and activates both monster effects. Joven adds Salamangreat Sanctuary from his deck to hand and discards Sea Archiver to draw System Down and Salamangreat Spinny. He uses Salamangreat Spinny effect to increase Balelynx’s Attack byand then when trying to activate Salamangreat Gazelle’s effect, Kodai negates and banishes with Orcust Cresencdo. With the only set card gone, Joven is free to activate System Down and Kodai responds with Galatea returning a banished Orcust Harp Horror to the deck to Set Orcustrated Return before banishing all his Machines from his Field and Graveyard. Joven Special Summons Salamangreat Spinny and Sea Archiver back from the Graveyard and uses them to Link Summon Update Jammer which is then used with Salamangreat Balelynx to Link Summon Transcode Talker. Transcode gains an additional attack and Special Summons back Update Jammer. Joven attacks directly twice with Transcode Talker and once with Update Jammer to win the game and that is it.

Top4 Joven wins

Joven uses his Update Jammer + Transcode Talker combo to win both games very quickly and will be playing in the finals of YCS Sydney 2020!!

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