Top 4: Soner Güngör (Deutschland) vs Peter Groß (Austria)

01.09.2013 | 18:40 |

We have made it to the top four – only two matches remain until we crown a victor here in Brussels. Our feature match for the round brings you two players that I am sure need no introduction – but are going to get one anyway. Peter Groß was the winner of YCS Sheffield – the first ever sealed YCS. This proves one thing: he is really good at playing sealed. His opponent and good friend Soner Güngör has a whole heap of achievements under his belt but has never clinched a YCS. Could this be the one? Let’s find out!

Güngör won the roll and decided to go first. He used his re-draw at the first opportunity while Groß kept hold of his hand.


Groß has never posed for a camera before, so excuse his first attempt.

Groß has never posed for a camera before, so excuse his first attempt.


He Normal Summoned Gene-Warped Warwolf and set two Spell/Traps. Groß responded with a Special Summoned Cyber Dragon, and a Normal Summoned Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite. No Entry!! stopped the impending attacks and Groß set three to the backrow.

Güngör was looking at a hand of Pitch-Black Warwolf, Ape Fighter, Bazoo the Soul-Eater and Autonomous Action Unit. He studied his options and decided Normal Summoning Ape Fighter was the way to go. His warwolf returned to attack and he sent it after the Cyber Dragon, but Windstorm of Etaqua halted that plan (aided by Groß mimicking a Windstorm and accompanying noises). He set his Autonomous Action Unit before passing.

Pot of Duality was first from Groß on the next turn. It gave him a Hyper Hammerhead, as displayed below in this helpful picture:


In case you're in any doubt which card he took, it's the one being held to the camera

In case you're in any doubt which card he took, it's the one being held to the camera


He Normal Summoned it and entered the Battle Phase and Zephyros attacked over Ape Fighter, Hammerhead took out Warwolf and when Cyber Dragon attacked directly Güngör used The Golden Apples.

He drew for the turn and Normal Summoned Pitch-Black Warwolf. The Token went to attack and as Güngör attempted to enter his Battle Phase Groß flipped Waboku. Güngör set a fresh card and passed play.

Groß sent Cyber Dragon in to attack Pitch-Black Warwolf but it met a Shrink. Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite then went to attack the wolf and both were destroyed in battle. Groß set his last card in hand, a Spell/Trap, and ended his turn.

Güngör flipped his Autonomous Action Unit and paid his taxes to take Groß’s Cyber Dragon. Bazoo the Soul-Eater was next, and Banished three monsters from the Graveyard to have 2500atk. Bazoo attacked Hammerhead, meeting Magical Arm Shield from Groß. It forced the attack to go through on Güngör’s Token, destroying it.


A different angle provides a different perspective!

A different angle provides a different perspective!


Cyber Dragon attacked Hammerhead, destroying it but returning the Dragon to Groß’s hand. Güngör activated Shard of Greed in Main Phase 2 and passed.

Groß Special Summoned Cyber Dragon and Normal Summoned Slate Warrior, passing.

Güngör drew Injection Fairy Lily, Summoning her and attacking Cyber Dragon, paying for her effect. The Machine hit the Graveyard and the Life Pointss were Güngör at 4500 and Groß at 5150. Bazoo went to defence and Güngör passed.

Groß attacked and destroyed Bazoo with Slate Warrior, passing with one card in hsi hand.

Shard of Greed paid off for Güngör and he drew two cards. This gave him a hand of Forbidden Lance, Strike Slash and Reverse Trap along with his Lily. She attacked Slate Warrior and boosted, taking out the Warrior but going down to 0atk. Güngör set all three cards to his backrow and passed.

“Let’s try for some damage” said Groß as he studied his two set Spell/Traps and two card in hand. He then anti-climactically set a card to each zone and passed.


HARPIE'S FEATHER DUSTER!!!....would be really useful if it was in this set.

HARPIE'S FEATHER DUSTER!!!....would be really useful if it was in this set.


Güngör drew and Normal Summoned Shocktopus, attacking the set monster with it. He activated Strike Slash and Shocktopus cut through a set Exarion Universe, leaving Groß on 3250. Güngör was on 2500 so deciding whether or not to attack with her was a big deal for Güngör! He decided to pass and not take the risk.

Groß ripped a Goblin Elite Attack Force and Normal Summoned it. When it attacked Shocktopus Forbidden Lance made sure it met a sticky end.

Speaking of things that are forbidden, Güngör topdecked a Forbidden Dress and held on to it while he made an attack with Shocktopus. The Golden Apples from Groß gave him a Token after the damage. He set the Dress and passed.

Groß drew and flipped his set Star Blast, paying 2000Life Points. It meant he could Normal Summon his Dark Magician of Chaos. It’s effect activated and returned Pot of Duality to his hand, which was activated. It revealed, Book of Moon, Tasuke Knight and Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür – the latter was taken. The Token was sent to attack Shocktopus and Güngör flipped Forbidden Dress in the Damage Step, leaving Groß on 450.

Güngör drew and Summoned Ape Fighter. He assessed the field and Graveyards trying to work out what Groß could still have – both players knew each other’s Decks pretty well.


We couldn't take a picture of Güngör after this turn because he was busy injecting salt into his bloodstream

Lily was about to inject some damage into the Magician


He sent Lily to attack Dark Magician of Chaos after much thought and in damage calculation activated her effect, but Groß had Half Counter! It resolved that Lily would have 2900 after boosting and DMoC would have 3000! A disasterous move for Güngör. He switched his Hammerhead to defence and passed.

On the next turn Groß simply attacked the Ape Fighter for enough damage to win the game!

Groß goes one game up in this semi-final match!

Güngör would start us off in the second game and had already used his re-draw so it was up to Groß who kept his first five cards.

Injection Fairy Lily was Summoned and Güngör set three Spell/Traps, clearly still annoyed about the ending of the first game.

Groß Summoned Luster Dragon and attacked Lily. He used Book of Moon on her and Güngör Chained Forbidden Lance. Lily boosted in damage calculation and the Dragon was slain. Groß set one Spell/Trap before ending.

Güngör activated Autonomous Action Unit and took Luster Dragon, before Summoning his own and equipping it with Axe of Fools. The stolen Dragon attacked successfully but the one belonging to Güngör met Zoma the Spirit. It attacked over and dealt Güngör 2900 damage.

In Groß’s turn he Summoned Slate Warrior and equipped it with Gravity Axe - Grarl. Güngör used Miniaturize but it still attacked over Lily. Groß passed.

Güngör took 500 damage from his Axe leaving him on 100. Windstorm of Etaqua switched his monsters to defence when he wanted to attack and in Main Phase 2 he Tributed the Dragon with the Axe – which would take him out next turn – for Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon.


Here's a picture of Güngör pre-salt

Güngör is no stranger to YCS playoffs.


Groß only had to deal 100 points of damage. Tasuke Knight was his Normal Summon and it attacked the defence position Luster Dragon. Spikeshield with Chain from Güngör ensured this game would go to the wire and left Groß on 2700. He passed.

Güngör drew and exclaimed “yes!” He sent Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon after Slate Warrior and then set his draw to his Spell/Trap zone.

Pot of Duality helped out his friend, revealing Premature Burial, Impenetrable Attack and Reverse Trap. He took Reverse Trap and then Normal Summoned Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite. Tasuke attacked the Purple Dragon and because of it’s earlier attack reduction both were destroyed.

Güngör set the card he drew and passed. Groß drew and had one card in hand, a set Spell/Trap and the Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite. He sent it after Luster Dragon, aided by Reverse Trap, but was met by No Entry!!.

Luster Dragon went to attack for Güngör and went after the Blackwing, but Groß activated Tasuke Knight in the Graveyard and Güngör passed – holding on to his freshly drawn Dark Valkyria.


This Luster Dragon was about to make way for a game-winning E-HERO Malicious Edge (game winning for Groß that is)

This Luster Dragon was about to make way for a game-winning E-HERO Malicious Edge (game winning for Groß that is)


Groß entered his Battle Phase….and then came right out of it, motioning “go” to his friend.

Güngör drew a Evil HERO Malicious Edge and Tributed the Luster Dragon for it. In the Battle Phase he attacked the Tasuke Knight but Half Counter sealed the deal for Groß! The last of Güngör’s 100Life Points dwindled away and Groß celebrated.

The final will be between two of Europe’s most successful Duelists ever – Peter Groß and Michel Gruner!