Top 4: Stephan Sluis vs Jack Bruun

02.12.2012 | 17:11 |

Top 4! Jack Bruun returns to the Feature Match table where he faces off with another 2-time YCS winner, Stephan Sluis. Sluis has been defeating opponents all day with Wind-Up whereas Bruun has used Dino Rabbit to make it this far. Let’s see how the match progresses.


Bruun has been on a roll today.

Sluis opened with a Set Spell/Trap. Bruun Summoned Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and attacked directly before Setting a card. Sluis set another Spell/Trap. Bruun attacked again and Sluis played Dimensional Prison, which Bruun stopped with Forbidden Lance. Sluis passed. Bruun attacked directly. Sluis Set a Spell/Trap. Bruun attacked with Neo-Spacian Grand Mole again and Set a card. Sluis Set a third Spell/Trap. Bruun attacked with Mole once again, as Sluis activated Compulsory Evacuation Device to bounce it back to Bruun’s hand. He Summoned it again and Solemn Warning got rid of it. Sluis played Heavy Storm to clear the field and set a Spell/Trap. Bruun Summoned Rescue Rabbit, banished it, got 2 copies of Kabazauls and lost them to Torrential Tribute. He set 2 cards after that. Sluis set a monster and a Spell/Trap. Bruun Summoned Jurrac Guaiba and attacked into Wind-Up Magician before setting a card.


The Magician had tricked the dinosaur!

Sluis Set 1 card and passed. Bruun Summoned Kabazauls and Sluis let it go before Bruun Xyz Summoned Evolzar Laggia, which was halted by Solemn Judgment. Bruun Set his 4th Spell/Trap. Sluis played Monster Reborn, targeting Kabazauls and Summoning it before attacking directly. In Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summoned Maestroke the Symphony Djinn in Defense Position. Bruun Summoned Rescue Rabbit and banished it to get 2 copies of Sabersaurus, which let him Summon Evolzar Laggia. “16…. 16” Bruun was calculating if he had game. Bruun played Dark Hole, then followed with Fiendish Chain on Maestroke the Symphony Djinn. Sluis Chained Mystical Space Typhoon on Fiendish Chain and Bruun Chained Laggia’s effect and then Forbidden Lance on his Evolzar Laggia! When the Chain finally resolved Sluis had no way to stop the attack and conceded Duel 1.

Bruun leads after a huge Duel-ending Chain!


Sluis in the Top 4 yet again.

Sluis opened Duel 2 with Tour Guide From the Underworld, followed by another copy and then Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity. He detached a material and Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit before Setting 2 cards. Bruun Set 4 Spell/Traps and passed. Sluis tried to use Zenmaity’s effect again but was stopped by Solemn Warning. Rabbit attacked directly and Sluis set 2 more cards. Bruun set a Spell/Trap. Sluis attacked with Wind-Up Rabbit again and set his 5th Spell/Trap. Bruun Set his 5th Spell/Trap as well. Sluis Summoned Sangan and Bruun played Torrential Tribute, followed by Fiendish Chain on Wind-Up Rabbit when its effect triggered. Sluis won the Chain battle with Mystical Space Typhoon though, destroying Fiendish Chain. Sluis got Wind-Up Rat with Sangan and banished rabbit. Bruun Set another Spell/Trap and a monster. Sluis got back his Rabbit and Summoned another, the second stopped by Solemn Warning. The first attacked into Kabazauls. Bruun attacked with Kabazauls and Book of Moon saved it from Dimensional Prison. He Set a Spell/Trap and passed., conceding when Wind-Up Rat was Summoned.

Sluis is the King of the Chain in Duel 2!


Bruun is hoping to make his second final, Sluis his third.

Bruun opened the final Duel with a handshake and Tour Guide From the Underworld, Summoning Sangan right after. He then Set 4 Spell/Traps (I’m sensing a pattern here…). Sluis Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit and lost out to Forbidden Lance when it attacked Tour Guide. Sluis Set 2 cards to finish. Bruun turned Sangan to Attack Position and Sluis played 2 copies of Mystical Space Typhoon when Tour Guide attacked, allowing him to drop Gorz the Emissary of Darkness! The crowd went wild as it happened, appreciating the strong play! Sluis used Gorz to take down Tour Guide From the Underworld in battle. Bruun turned Sangan back to Defense Position and Set a card. Sluis Set a Spell/Trap and lost it to Dust Tornado in the End Phase. Bruun Summoned Rescue Rabbit, banished it and got 2 Kabazauls, Xyz Summoning Gagaga Cowboy. He detached a material and took down Gorz before Setting a card. Sluis Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit, then Wind-Up Shark and Torrential Tribute cleared the field (Rabbit was banished). Bruun got Tour Guide From the Underworld with Sangans effect. Bruun played Tour Guide From the Underworld, Summoning Night Assailant. He ran numbers and Xyz Summoned Leviair the Sea Dragon, using it to recycle his Rescue Rabbit and Summon 2 copies Sabersaurus. Sluis was on 600 Life Points after the attacks and Bruun Summoned Evolzar Laggia after Setting a card. Sluis brought back Wind-Up Rabbit and played Soul Taker, which Laggia negated. He Summoned Wind-Up Shark and Bottomless Trap Hole sealed the Match for Bruun!

Jack Bruun makes it to the Finals where he will meet Frederico Zoppini, who was able to win the second semi finale against Ali Fawaz!