Top 4: Stephan Sluis vs Jack Bruun

02.12.2012 | 17:11 |

[p]Top 4! Jack Bruun returns to the Feature Match table where he faces off with another 2-time YCS winner, Stephan Sluis. Sluis has been defeating opponents all day with Wind-Up whereas Bruun has used Dino Rabbit to make it this far. Let’s see how the match progresses.[/p]


Bruun has been on a roll today.

[div]Sluis opened with a Set [st].

Bruun Summoned [mole] and attacked directly before Setting a card.

Sluis set another [st].

Bruun attacked again and Sluis played [prison], which Bruun stopped with [lance].

Sluis passed.

Bruun attacked directly.

Sluis Set a [st].

Bruun attacked with [mole] again and Set a card.

Sluis Set a third [st].

Bruun attacked with Mole once again, as Sluis activated [ced] to bounce it back to Bruun’s hand. He Summoned it again and [warning] got rid of it.

Sluis played [storm] to clear the field and set a [st].

Bruun Summoned [rabbit], banished it, got 2 copies of [kabaz] and lost them to [tt]. He set 2 cards after that.

Sluis set a monster and a [st].

Bruun Summoned [guaiba] and attacked into [w mag] before setting a card.[/div]


The Magician had tricked the dinosaur!

[div]Sluis Set 1 card and passed.

Bruun Summoned [kabaz] and Sluis let it go before Bruun [xyz]ed [laggia], which was halted by [sj]. Bruun Set his 4th [st].

Sluis played [reborn], targeting [kabaz] and Summoning it before attacking directly. In [mp2] he [xyz]ed [maestro] in [def].

Bruun Summoned [rabbit] and banished it to get 2 copies of [saurus], which let him Summon [laggia]. “16…. 16” Bruun was calculating if he had game. Bruun played [hole], then followed with [fiendish] on [maestro]. Sluis Chained [mst] on [fiendish] and Bruun Chained Laggia’s effect and then [lance] on his [laggia]! When the Chain finally resolved Sluis had no way to stop the attack and conceded Duel 1.[/div]

Bruun leads after a huge Duel-ending Chain!



Sluis in the Top 4 yet again.

[div]Sluis opened Duel 2 with [tgu], followed by another copy and then [w maity]. He detached a material and Summoned [w rabbit] before Setting 2 cards.

Bruun Set 4 [st]s and passed.

Sluis tried to use Zenmaity’s effect again but was stopped by [warning]. Rabbit attacked directly and Sluis set 2 more cards.

Bruun set a [st].

Sluis attacked with [w rabbit] again and set his 5th [st].

Bruun Set his 5th [st] as well.

Sluis Summoned [sangan] and Bruun played [tt], followed by [fiendish] on [w rabbit] when its effect triggered. Sluis won the Chain battle with [mst] though, destroying [fiendish]. Sluis got [w rat] with [sangan] and banished rabbit.

Bruun Set another [st] and a monster.

Sluis got back his Rabbit and Summoned another, the second stopped by [warning]. The first attacked into [kabaz].

Bruun attacked with [kabaz] and [bom] saved it from [prison]. He Set a [st] and passed., conceding when [w rat] was Summoned.[/div]

Sluis is the King of the Chain in Duel 2!



Bruun is hoping to make his second final, Sluis his third.

[div]Bruun opened the final Duel with a handshake and [tgu], Summoning [sangan] right after. He then Set 4 [st]s (I’m sensing a pattern here…).

Sluis Summoned [w rabbit] and lost out to [lance] when it attacked Tour Guide. Sluis Set 2 cards to finish.

Bruun turned [sangan] to [atk] and Sluis played 2 copies of [mst] when Tour Guide attacked, allowing him to drop [gorz]! The crowd went wild as it happened, appreciating the strong play!

Sluis used Gorz to take down [tgu] in battle.

Bruun turned [sangan] back to [def] and Set a card.

Sluis Set a [st] and lost it to [dust] in the End Phase.

Bruun Summoned [rabbit], banished it and got 2 [kabaz], [xyz]ing [cowboy]. He detached a material and took down Gorz before Setting a card.

Sluis Summoned [w rabbit], then [w shark] and [tt] cleared the field (Rabbit was banished). Bruun got [tgu] with [sangan]’[s] effect.

Bruun played [tgu], Summoning [nass]. He ran numbers and [xyz]ed [leviair], using it to recycle his [rabbit] and Summon 2 copies [saurus]. Sluis was on 600 Life Points after the attacks and Bruun Summoned [laggia] after Setting a card.

Sluis brought back [w rabbit] and played [soul taker], which Laggia negated. He Summoned [w shark] and [bth] sealed the Match for Bruun![/div]

Jack Bruun makes it to the Finals where he will meet Frederico Zoppini, who was able to win the second semi finale against Ali Fawaz!