Top 64 Deck & Country Breakdown

08.07.2018 | 12:43 |
The knock-out rounds just started. Here is the Top 64 Deck and country breakdown for Utrecht. You’ll be surprised! Top 64 Deck Breakdown


Finally, Gouki took the top spot in our Deck breakdown. The Deck makes up to 1/3 of the overall Top 64. Sky Striker Trickstar is putting up a good show, whereas the Mekk-Knight version declined drastically. We have two suprise contenders: Dinosaurs and Burning Abyss.


Top 64 Country Breakdown


Wow, Italy managed to land 10,3% of its overall competitiors in the Top 64. That's a huge conversion rate! Germany is still in second, 14 Duelists are remaining. The UK and Greece are equally on 3rd with 7 Duelists remaining. Considering Greece didn't show up in the first graph just proves how strong they are this weekend. Their conversion rate is roughly 30%!