Top 64 Deck & Country Breakdowns

17.07.2016 | 14:02 |

After 11 Rounds of Swiss the field was trimmed down to the best 64 Duelists. They will continue to play 6 more Knock-Out Rounds. Any mistake might result in elimination.

top 64 Deck small


Phantom Knight Burning Abyss not only won the Dragon Duel Championship in Berlin, it is also the most represented Deck in Top 64. Closely behind are Domain Monarch and Pendulum Decks with Extra Deck Monarchs losing steam. Domain of the True Monarchs is a powerhouse in itself against all Decks depending on their Extra Deck. Chances are high that Domain Monarch will win WCQ: European Championship 2016 as well.


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Germany and Italy go head to head into this final. Considerung the initial numbers Italy is more sucessful by far. There were more than 400 German players heading into the Main Event. Greece and Belgium are making a strong as well Both countries placed four players in the Top 64. Isreal might even defend its title. There is still one contestant in Tops.