Top 64: Simon Dewhurst (Wind-Up) vs Ned Salkovich (Dino Rabbit)

26.03.2012 | 0:23 |

Over four thousand Duelists have been whittled down to the Top 64 which are playing now! One of the 5 European Duelists is here for this Match, where he’s hoping to extend his first YCS top even further. Simon Dewhurst hails from Newcastle, England while his opponent Ned Salkovich is from New Jersey. Ned wanted to thank Anthony Alvarado for giving him tons of advice, and Simon wanted to say hello to Suzie, “Rick” and Danny, who are all here this weekend.

Simon Dewhurst is yet another UK Duelist doing well today!

Dewhurst won the die roll and opened with a Set monster and 2 back row cards. Salkovich played Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Torrential Tribute before Summoning Rescue Rabbit! He Xyz Summoned Evolzar Laggia after Summoning 2 Kabazauls. Dewhurst responded with Fiendish Chain which Laggia negated. Laggia ran over Wind-Up Magician. Set a card. Dewhurst played Mystical Space Typhoon before activating Wind-Up Factory. He Summoned Wind-Up Rat, Special Summoned Wind-Up Magician with its effect and got a free card from Factory (another Rat). Salkovich Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld! He brought out Sangan before Xyz Summoning Leviair the Sea Dragon to revive Rescue Rabbit, which soon became 2 Sabersaurii. All of his monsters attacked and in Main Phase 2 Dewhurst Summoned Evolzar Dolkka in Defense Position. Dewhurst Summoned Wind-Up Rat and Evolzar Dolkka negated it, which was enough for Dewhurst to concede.

Salkovich goes one up!

Can he win one more?

Dewhurst started Duel 2 with a Set monster and 2 Spells/Traps. Salkovich Summoned Sabersaurus which was destroyed by Bottomless Trap Hole. He Set 2 Spell/Trap cards to finish. Dewhurst played Heavy Storm, destroying Solemn Warning and Dimensional Prison. He Flip Summoned Wind-Up Magician, Salkovich played Maxx "C", Dewhurst Normal Summoned another Wind-Up Magician and Special Summoned Wind-Up Shark. Magician’s effect Summoned Wind-Up Hunter. He Tributed Magician to discard Tour Guide From the Underworld. Dewhurst attacked with all of his monsters and in Main Phase 2 Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia. Salkovich Set 4 cards! Dewhurst attacked directly with Hunter and Utopia and Salkovich let them through. He set a monster. Salkovich flipped Monster Reborn over to revive Wind-Up Magician in Defense Position. Dewhurst drew Solemn Warning and attacked with Number 39: Utopia, which was halted by Fiendish Chain. He then Xyz Summoned Number C39: Utopia Ray and Set Warning, which was destroyed by Mystical Space Typhoon. Salkovich Set another Spell/Trap. Dewhurst attacked with C39 but was stopped by Book of Moon. He turned Wind-Up Hunter to Defense Position. Salkovich Summoned Effect Veiler and Synchro Summoned Ally of Justice Catastor, which took down Number C39: Utopia Ray! Dewhurst Summoned Wind-Up Rat and Salkovich discarded Maxx "C". Rat Summoned Magician. Salkovich Summoned Kabazauls and his 2 monsters took down Rat and Magician. Dewhurst Summoned another Rat! It was negated by Solemn Judgment and Dewhurst followed up with Pot of Avarice! He shuffled back 5 monsters and drew 2 Trap Cards. Dewhurst Flip Summoned Spirit Reaper and Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity. Wind-Up Shark was then Summoned. He revealed the Shark in his hand and that was enough to even the score!

We’re going to Duel 3!

Watch out, Laggia's about.

Salkovich kicked off Duel 3 with Rescue Rabbit! He banished it to Summon 2 copies of Sabersaurus before Xyz Summoning Evolzar Laggia, and followed it up with a Set card. Dewhurst played Dark Hole, which was negated. He Set a monster and 2 other cards. Salkovich attacked with Laggia into a Dimensional Prison, banishing it. He Set a monster. Dewhurst Flip Summoned Wind-Up Hunter, Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rat and Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, which was negated by Effect Veiler after detaching Hunter. Or was it? Dewhurst Chained Torrential Tribute to clear the field and dodge the Veiler! He Summoned Wind-Up Rat, which Summoned Wind-Up Hunter. Rat was tribute to discard Pot of Avarice. He played Monster Reborn on Rat, Summoned the other and followed up with Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity. After many plays he ended up with Wind-Up Rabbit, Zenmaity and a Defense Position Rat, to Salkovich’s 1 card in-hand and a Set Spell/Trap. Dewhurst attacked directly with both monsters and passed. Salkovich drew for his turn and considered his options. He Summoned Kabazauls and took down Rat. Dewhurst Summoned Wind-Up Magician, used Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaitys effect to Summon Wind-Up Shark. Magician’s effect brought out another Shark! He changed the Sharks to Level 5 and Xyz Summoned Tiras, Keeper of Genesis! Tiras ran over Kabazauls, Rat and Zenmaity attacked directly, and Dewhurst destroyed the Set Mystical Space Typhoon with Tiras’ effect. Dewhurst Set a Spell/Trap. Salkovich Set a monster and a back row card, and Dewhurst banished Wind-Up Magician with Rabbit’s effect in the End Phase. Dewhurst brought back Wind-Up Magician in the Standby Phase and Salkovich used Fiendish Chain on Tiras. Zenmaity crashed into Spirit Reaper in the Battle Phase. Salkovich Set a Spell/Trap. Dewhurst Set a card, turned Rabbit to Defense Position and passed. Salkovich Summoned Kabazauls and Dewhurst used Torrential Tribute to clear the field! Dewhurst Normal Summoned Maxx "C" and attacked directly, and one turn later it did it again to seal the match!

Simon Dewhurst scores another win for the UK!

THIS is why everybody plays the tiny terror in their Deck! FEAR its low ATK which can send a Duelist to his doom!