Top 8 Feature Match – Zac Conduit (Qliphort) vs Lincoln Morrissey (Shaddoll)

The matches here at YCS Sydney are getting more intense by the minute! The Top 8 Feature Match is underway now, which pits Zac Conduit’s Qliphort Deck against Lincoln Morrissey’s Shaddolls. Which of these Duelists will make it to the Top 4, and ever closer to the Ascension Sky Dragon Prize Cards?

Game 1

Zac won die roll and decided to play first. His opening hand contained Summoner’s Art, [mst], [saq], [ced], and [dust]. He activated Summoner’s Art which searched [q scout]. He activated it, and searched for [q carrier] (Zac 8000 > 7200). He then Normal Summoned Carrier, equipped it with [saq], Set 3 cards and passed the turn.

Lincoln began with [shd core], [shd fus], 2 [shd beast]s, and an [a igni]. He drew a card and activated [shd fus], fusing his 2 [shd beast]s for [shd winda]. He drew a card thanks to Beast’s effect, and attacked Zac’s [q carrier] with Winda (Zac 7200 > 7100). He Set 3 cards and ended his turn.

Zac drew [sd]. He used [q scout]’s effect, but [a igni] destroyed it before it resolved ( Zac 7100 > 6300). Lincoln set [a mora] from his Deck thanks to Ignition. In the Battle Phase, a well-timed [ced] returned [shd winda] to the Extra Deck, and [q carrier] attacked Lincoln directly (Lincoln 8000 > 5900). Zac Set a card and passed.

Lincoln drew [soul charge]! He activated it, Summoning both [shd beast]s from his Graveyard in Attack Position (Lincoln 5900 > 3900). He then ended his turn.

Zac drew a card, went straight to his Battle Phase, and activated [skill drain] (Zac 6300 > 5300)! When Zac attacked with Carrier, Lincoln flipped [book of moon] to stop it. Zac chained [dust] to destroy Lincoln’s Set [shd core]. Carrier was flipped face-down, Core added [shd fus] back to Lincoln’s hand, and [saq] added [q scout] to Zac’s hand. Zac then activated Scout, and used its effect to search for [q disk] (Zac 5300 > 4500). He Normal Summoned it to end his turn.

Lincoln drew a card. He Normal Summoned [shd drag], and attacked and destroyed Carrier during the Battle Phase. A [super poly] followed the attack, and attacks from all of his monsters secured the first Duel win for Lincoln!

Lincoln took full advantage of the Qliphort Deck’s weakness, by rushing them with damage after they dent their own Life Points with [q scout] and [sd]. How will the second match go?

Game 2

Zac decided to go first a second time. His opening hand was [sd], 2 [pot of duality], [q carrier], and [trampolynx]. He activated [pot of duality], revealing [q scout], [rai], and Qlimate Change. He took the Scout and activated it, searching for [saq] (Zac 8000 > 7200). He then Normal Summoned [q carrier], equipped it with [saq], set [skill drain] and ended his turn.

Lincoln began with 2 [a sanc], [a igni], [mistake], and [mathe]. He drew [shd falco] to start his turn, and played Ignition to destroy Zac’s [skill drain]. Zac chained it to increase his[q carrier]’s ATK permanently (Zac 7200 > 6200). Lincoln Set [a beag] from his Deck. He then Normal Summoned [mathe] and sent [felis] to the Graveyard, which Special Summoned it. Lincoln then Synchro Summoned [arcanite]. Its effect destroyed Carrier, allowing Zac to search for [q scout] with [saq]. He then destroyed Zac’s on-field Scout as well. He Set 4 cards to his back row and ended his turn.

Zac drew [rai], and Lincoln activated [mistake] during his Standby Phase. He activated [q scout], and then activated [trampolynx], but Lincoln used [a sanc] to Special Summon [a mora], which destroyed [trampolynx]. Zac used [rai] to clear Lincoln’s field, Set a card, and passed the turn.

Lincoln drew [mathe]. He Normal Summoned [mathe], and its effect sent [shd falco] to the Graveyard, which was Summoned face-down. He then activated [shd fus], fusing his 2 monsters to Fusion Summon [shd shekh]. He attacked directly with it, dropping Zac to 3600 LP.

Zac drew [upstart] for turn and activated it, drawing [vane]. He Set it and passed the turn, but when Lincoln activated [a sanc] in his End Phase, Zac offered him the handshake!

Artifact Sanctum sealed the deal, and cemented Lincoln’s place as the winner of the Match!

Lincoln Morrissey defeats Zac Conduit 2-0, and moves ahead into the Top 4!

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