Top Table Round 9

30.10.2016 | 11:25 |
Swiss Rounds are coming to an end. We almost done with Round 9 and here's a look at the top tables. Check out what's going on!


Table 1 There are still 3 players with a perfect record heading into Round 9. Two of them are paired against at table 9: Marcello Barberi is playing ABC and his opponent is Dale Hawkes with his Herald Deck. Only one of them will remain undefeated.


Table 2 It's an ABC mirror match at table 2. Kenny De Detter is the third undefeated player. His opponent is Luke Delaney.


Table 3 At table 3 is Tom Viergutz from Germany. He's piloting the highest ranked Lightsworn Deck at the moment having to good chances to get into the top cut. He's facing Italy's Lorenzo Ferrari who is playing ABC.


Table 4 At table 4 we see Dave Grabert with ABC vs. Ido Marcus with PKBA. Both of them are well-known players and YCS regulars.


Table 5 Viktor Kieu is the best placed Metalfoes Duelist today. He's holding an X:1 record and has to beat Luca Tataranni with PKBA to hold his record.


Table 7 Callum Hinchcliffe is still at the top tables with his Mermails Deck. Will he be able to beat Giuseppe Mandile and his Majespector Deck?


Table 8 Another ABC Deck at table 8. This time it's Niccolo Mazzoleni piloting it. His opponent is Ben Sherman playing PKBA.


Table 9 Joshua Oosters is showing us today that Infernoid is still a viable force in todays metagame. His opponent is none other than Oliver Newton, the UK National Champion of 2015.